Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday, what happened to Thursday?

     I think Sluggy stole my Thursday as hers was missing or she at least had a day missing.  I am so busy right now I can hardly think.  SO much to ask and tell you need advice but I am so behind and will be until Sunday so I am just checking in to say I am alive and will be back soon.

Have a great and productive day!  I know I will.........splat!



  1. I ran 4 miles this morning, so I"m already feeling productive! Next up, taking the boys to an indoor water park. They are shaking with excitement. ;-)

  2. Kim! Don't work too hard today!! :)!

  3. You have a good and productive day too :)

  4. Time is really going between too slow and too fast these days. Hope you get some down time to get your thoughts together, and REST! Dont overwork yourself.

  5. Kim,
    Your Thursday did indeed show up at my front door!
    She's staying in my garage until you are done with the show and it's safe to go home.
    Please send spending money for it.