Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday, My pig runneth over!

 -$225.14 personal
$1899.12 studio

     I have had a hard time getting to the computer this morning as the shop is all about can I get this in an hour?  Can I get this by this afternoon.  Can I get these tomorrow at 10?  It is great but usually my turn around time is 2 days.  Most of these people are from small towns and are coming in for shopping or medical.  So I do try to get things out the same day but so much is hard.  This morning I have had to replace a zipper and hem a pair of pants all before 10 a.m.  But the gentleman with the pants was so thrilled to get them in an hour that he gave me a $20.00 although the charge was $12.00.  Anyway I know you are all anxious to hear about my pig.

     I saved $547.37 in spare change last year.  I only put my loose change at the end of the day in the pig.  She weighed in at 33 lbs and I had to carry the coin into the bank in three trips.  I felt like the Knox Bank. It was a pretty painless way to save money and kind of fun.  I would weigh the pig about once a month.  I will use this money for Christmas, so it is squirreled away in an envelope for when I actually start my Christmas shopping here in the valley.

     It is so nice to have my teacher back, last week was so tiring.  I was able to come home at 6:30 last night and just sit with hubby and watch a TV program.  Then we went and cleaned the bank.

     I have been in a quandary about a tree this year.  Last year if you will recall I purchased a very beautiful silk tree pre-lit on a good sale and it did not even last the season.  We had always purchased a Nursery tree from the Catholic Charities but they have gotten so expensive.  The kids always wanted the perfect dense nursery tree and I loved the smell of the fresh evergreen.  Now these trees are around $80.00 and they die before the 25th.  Then I thought, how stupid are you?  Your husband works in the woods.  Send him to find a tree while he is working.  Don't worry he purchased the $2.00 permit. Now this tree will not be perfect or dense like a nursery tree but I am sure it will be beautiful and it will be essentially FREE!  So that works for me.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful and sunny but soooooooooo Cold.  Cold snap moving in for the weekend.

     I have a lot of sewing to get done today, so I had better get busy.  Someone is at the door again.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That's awesome! Good job on the piggy, and I like how your numbers are looking! A $2 tree selected by and cut by hubby > nursery trees!

  2. Was this a piggy bank that you had to smash or did it have a plug in the bottom?

  3. Wow - that's a fat piggy! Good job.

  4. What a full little piggy! And I can't believe you can get a permit to cut down a tree for 2 bucks. You are certainly having a good week and you deserve it :)

  5. What a great job you did with this piggy! Congrats on that! I have to admit it's really inspiring, I'll have to give it a try next year :)

  6. Wow, awesome on both the piggy & the tree! I worked on a Christmas tree farm growing up (we lived next door) & adore fresh trees. But, it's hard to justify the cost, so we have an artificial one. Feels silly out here in the northwest!

  7. How awesome is that? Congrats on your very fat pig!!