Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, a do nothing day!

     I know I should be looking at next years budget and figuring out a plan to pay off all my debt, but right now I am just enjoying having nothing pressing.  I also feel like I made no progress last year and paid off all my cc debt and most of it is back, well not really but not where I want to be.  I just don't want to face it right now and really want to just be.

     I don't even feel guilty about it.  I just know that I will keep plugging along and with less disasters maybe just maybe I will win this war.  I do have some plans  that are brewing in the back of my mind concerning finances, but they are for another day.  Right now I have a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear.  I have money in the bank and as long as I don't add to the debt I will be okay.

    D#2 went home yesterday and I miss her.  We packed her up and did errands all days yesterday.  Returned things, took D#3's computer in had her ipod engraved (cheap insurance) bought large plastic containers for the studio.  Actually I thought the stores would be crazy but they were relatively quiet.
D#2 is going to help me clean the studio before the 2nd.  But that also is for another day.

     Other than the customers that come to call I am off duty.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Nice! You've been long overdue for a big do-nothing day. Enjoy!

  2. you deserve at least two or three days of do nothing!

  3. I think a day of doing nothing is really very productive! Having a bit of downtime is very good for a person.

    Your Christmas Eve sounded just wonderful! We are huge fans of the Big Bang theory as well.

    Have a great quiet day!

  4. Doing nothing is great! Enjoy your day:)