Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday, first small combined goal of new year

     I am going to try to live within my means, here are three small ways I will try.  Now they may not work, I may have to relent but as I am feeling so much better with the new meds I am going to try these.

1. My housekeeper moved and I am going to try to do this myself.  I will save 64.00 a week.
2. The family that cleaned the dance studio for scholarship also moved and I will be cleaning the studio myself.  This will save me $200.00 a month.
3. I was also able to lower the cell phone bill by about $50.00 a month.

Now these goals will have a net affect of about $500.00 less a month out of pocket.  That does not mean it can go toward debt it just means I am not putting the money out.  It will help.  Any time you do not spend money you save money.

Gas is down to $2.81 here but I hear it is going back up. Will ride the good wave as long as possible.

Just thinking of small ways to help myself live better and cheaper without killing myself.

I have already saved $300.00 toward next months house account and I need $500.00 so I am ahead of the game. Nice way to start the year.  I am in debt but I am not behind.  Now just to stay ahead of the game.  Maybe that should be the goal, to stay ahead of the bills. Ugh!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow, a $500/month savings would be huge! I know I need to cut/reduce our house cleaning service, but . . . it's so hard. :-) I will look to you for inspiration! :-)

  2. I think that the housekeeper is a necessity for you though. We know how painful it gets for you so maybe you could still have one come every other month? Same with the studio?

    You work so hard that I don't think these are a luxury for you :( Great job cutting the cell phone bill though. I think we are all going to get through this year if we stick together

  3. That's a nice chunk of change back in your pocket!! What about perhaps inquiring about bartering a cleaning service for lessons? I know i'd be gung ho for something like that!! Even just a nice discount would be awesome... just a thought that would perhaps take a bit of work of your plate. :)

  4. $500 in cuts is very significant! Just don't tire yourself out to the point you get sick. That'd negate the savings. I wish I had a $2.81 gas! We're back up to $3.35...

  5. Kim, for me I just want to catch up, it's been a very long year. I am making cuts but they aren't big, just small stuff to save a few pennies, but every little bit helps. Getting ready to seal up my pot for next Christmas shopping, hoping to fill it up!!

  6. thats a good saving kim! hope it goes well for you

  7. Great ideas to save a little extra ( okay, a lot ) of money. I am with Carla, if you could barter to get your house cleaned that would be great too.

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  9. Maybe your husband and daughters could help with house cleaning, especially if its painful to you. May I also suggest that you automate paying yourself first with these great savings... have $500 automatically moved into the house payment account so its not so stressful every month coming up with that money. Good luck in 2013 - you're starting off well!

  10. Sounds like a good stepping stone for the new year. I am hoping to get our cell phone bill cut down too! Good luck with everything in 2013

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