Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday, Changing my ways...

     Yes today I must get something done.  Like hem three skirts and fix a wedding dress and a flower girl dress.  I have been putting this off. I no longer can.  That is okay as I was a slug yesterday.  Hubs is home with a sore throat and cold.  So I am staying clear of him. 

     Had a nice long talk with my sissie yesterday.  She is doing so well with her debt reduction I am jealous.  I had to order marley tape and fix a computer yesterday all to the tune of about $500.00 all on a credit card.  I will be able to sit down soon and form a plan but not today.  I do have money put aside for debt repayment but just in a state of denial.  I promise to pull my head out soon.  I will set some goals and make a plan.  Blah!

     I would so like to have the CC debt and at least the truck paid off before summer.  Having that big truck payment is a drag even though it is studio debt. I still have two vehicle payments and I hate it. I am so happy that I can just pay my bills and not be behind constantly, but I really need to stop spending money.  Next week will be a new month and a new year. I will have to have at least $500.00 for the house payment.  So life just goes on and does not change.

  Unless  UNLESS we change it!  So I will be changing my ways come the new year.  Just a few small goals added to a few small goals that will build into big goals.  I have to honestly say when the sewer collapsed last summer and I had 6 weeks of eye surgery I went on a bender.  I was so discouraged and I just did not care, felt sorry for myself, blamed the world.  But that is over and I must grow up and take responsibility.  No one is going to pay these debts but me and I have let bad habits creep back in.  I am the Queen of justification.  I can justify anything.  Especially spending money.

     So I am off to think of some goals as I sew today.  Goals I can live with.  Goals I can keep. Realistic goals.

     Out My Window:  Cold but sunny!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I need to set some goals too... Bummer.

  2. Sometimes I feel like you are too hard on yourself. You amaze me, have so much strength and so much courage. You do more than most people on any given day and support so much of your family and friends.

    Yes, debt needs to be paid to ensure confidence and relief. But by sacrificing your health - no.

    I cannot wait to see your goals though - you truly inspire me!

  3. I feel we are so much on the same page sometimes. About the same age, living in Idaho, and spending a bit too much sometimes. I have hope we can both achieve our goals. Happy 2013!! Here's to more frugal living!!

  4. I'm with Jennifer - i think you do a remarkable job under really difficult circumstances. I'm so proud of the progress you've made so far. I can't wait to see your realistic goals for 2013!!

  5. Its going to be the year we kick butt!!!!