Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, a few things for which I am grateful...

-$296.14 personal
$1038.72 studio

     As you can see from the total above I am slowly chipping away at the deficit.  I was able to pay another $100.00 yesterday into the bank account.  Every little bit helps. Next week I will attack it even more. Even though I am busy and stressed I can still make progress and that makes me feel more empowered.

     Also there is a gas war on here.  This has never happened in the 25 years we have lived here.  Because we are the last fresh water sea port from the ocean we have most of our gas barged in.  Normally at least for 20 years our gas prices were a little lower than every one else in the state.  But since the recession hit we have had the highest rates.  I could drive anywhere 60 miles a way and find gas 35-50 cents a gallon cheaper.  So frustrating, we also have very high grocery prices because all trucks have to come in and dead head out.  But a new gas chain opened up and they have lowered gas from $3.69 to $3.09 in one week.  Can you believe that?  All the other stations have no choice but to match them.  Now if we could just get a Winco to open here for groceries.   Isn't this great!  It makes such a huge difference to our budget when gas goes down to around $3.00 a gallon.  I am so happy.

     Hubby is at a conference this week so he has the Sate pickup to take him back and forth.  No commuting costs this week at all. Yeah!

These are all little blessings but I am grateful for them. Still plugging away on the show.  Will finish costumes today, then it is just on with the show.

     Out My Window: Cold, foggy wet, typical winter weather.

I have a pile of alterations waiting for me, yippee!  Another blessing!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Yeah for great gas & commuting news!! :-)

  2. Wow, that's great gas news! A full 60 cents different... that's VERY significant! Because we're also a dead end for food trucks (one way in and one way out), we get very expensive groceries, especially of the produce variety. Gas where I live vs gas where my parents live (60mi away), for whatever reason, was 30c different for over 3-4 weeks after the hurricane hit. No idea what's up with that. But they finally brought it to par (still the usual 5-10c extra).

  3. Noticing those little blessings makes our life meaningful! Our gases prices are seating at around 3.29-3.34 right now, and I'm happy about :) It's at least 30c cheaper per gallon than before Thanksgiving.

  4. Gas prices have taken a nosedive here too (not sure why, but I'm not complaining!).

  5. Yeah! That's a much better price for gas. I hate when gas stations gouge the customer. Glad business is picking up for you too!

  6. Did you decorate that Christmas tree yet? I had to laugh when you thought about decorating it in the garage to save time lol!
    Gas has gone down a wee bit around here but still way more expensive in Canada vs U.S. (approx $4.25 per gallon!!)so there's something for you to be happy about! See? It can always be worse!!
    Glad to see you are chipping away at your deficit. I did my account reconciliation this morning and it wasn't pretty. We had an open house party Friday night (Michael's idea) and I hadn't budgeted for it so had to transfer $400 from my emergency fund this morning to cover the extra expense. Yes, I am grateful to have an EF but right now it has $1000 in it instead of the usual $2000. I have to get my car in over the 2 week school break so crossing my fingers they don't find any problems with it.
    It's all such a balancing act isn't it? You fill one hole in the dike and then find water trickling through in another spot! Especially at this time of the year!
    Must remember to count my blessings :)