Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, survived weekend one more to go!

-$396.14 personal
$1038.72 studio

     We had two holiday parties and huge rehearsals all weekend.  We were able to get home early every night but I just went to bed.  I had visions of putting up Christmas and putting away Halloween last night but I took a two hour nap after church ate left overs and then played the piano for a couple of hours, only Christmas carols.  I just wanted to relax.  I did this with a jack-o-lantern staring at me from the corner of the piano.   I ignored him and continued playing:)

     This is hell week for me and I have a lot of odds and ends to tie up.  Just making a list and checking it twice.  I am not really worried about anything but getting everything to the theater and setting up.  This has to be done on Thursday night and so does the program.  It is hard heavy work and I worry about getting enough help to do it.

     Last week I sewed as much as I could so I would have most things done and not be  behind this week.  I have been able to scrounge together about $1100.00.  I paid the house payment with hubbies first check and then added my $500.00.  I put the other $600.00 into my checking to bring down the amount owed to overdraft.  All bills for the month are included in that -$396.14.  I also have a $346.00 water/sewer bill to pay by the 20th.  Why do they make these 1/4 bills due at Christmas?  I just decided that I wanted to know that the bills were paid this week and I could worry about earning the money next week to cover the rest of the month.  I will be able to earn $750.00 before the end of the month and I can do it after the 15th.  This way I can go into the show with no worries.

     I need to sit down and go over tuition and see who has not paid and I know I have many parent that have not paid their recital fees.  So this morning I will call them.  It is amazing always the same people.  I also need to get a parent letter ready with all costume details and next years dates to hand out this week.

Out My Window:  Hubby finally got all the leaves up, what a job!

Just got a text from a parent that is willing to help me with last minute costumes!  Yippee!  Love that!




  1. That's awesome that parents are pitching up to help. I feel your pain; this week is crunch week for me as well, and I've already been grinded to fine sand, so let's see how much longer before I go into shock!

  2. Gah....I think it's hell week for just about everyone!
    My hell is eBay hell this week dealing with the Christmas buyers....a special kind of hell.lolol

    You sound like you have a plan tho for the bills so good job there.
    Just survive this week. You can always sleep again after Christmas, right? ;-)

  3. Goodness, Kim, you work so hard! Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy some of the holiday! LOVE that you can relax by playing the piano. I wish I could play!

  4. I think a nap was well-deserved! Sounds like you have a crazy few weeks ahead. Take care of yourself, & keep making time for relaxing. You're doing great.