Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday, Merry Christmas!

     I feel guilty for not posting, but so busy and tired all the time.  I finally got Christmas up and decorated on Saturday.  Usually our tree is up on the 1st.  It was like being back in college when hubs and I were first married.  We would have finals and frantically put up a tree on the 20 or 21st to take it down again a week later.  But all is up and it is beautiful.
     I still have to run out this morning and get a couple things.  The girls are home and we have had  lots of laughs and screaming.  Don't for get the screaming! I cleaned house for days I swear.  Just bag after bag of trash.  With the girls home nothing stays clean for long.  Drives me nuts!  But I am glad they are home.
     Cookie trays are delivered, outdoor lights are up most of the packages wrapped and all the food bought so I think we are ready.  Christmas is just too much work.  But I have cut back this year believe it or not and I am also looking forward to a new year that will be financially even more successful than this year.  I will be trying to give up a few things that will help with my goals, but right now I just want to concentrate on  Christmas.
     I wish my sissie was here to celebrate with me.  We had a long talk on the phone yesterday and it was so nice.  We will have a another long talk on Christmas day.
     Well I need to start yet another load of laundry, clean myself up and get to the store, get my nails done and start dinner preparations. I think I am actually getting excited!

Have a Merry Christmas and may the love of the Savior be with you through out the eve and day!

Love Kim