Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday scary roads!

Day 14 without a CC!

     I saw my life flash before my eyes twice yesterday.  We live on a really steep hill and it had snowed all day.  But about 1 in the afternoon it had stopped and was starting to melt. I was going to the studio at 3 and a school bus was ahead of me.  He had not chained up so I assumed all was fine.  When the school buses chain up around here you had better worry.  I followed him very slowly down the hill.  About halfway down I lost control and started to skid sideways.  Tried to correct my skid and just continued praying I would be able to get by a big basalt rock wall and in to the scrub as it would do less damage to the car.  I was not going fast just going.  Well I hit the wall with a crunch.  Now another SUV is behind me and he hits the ice and losses control and is heading straight for my side panel.  I mean talk about a heart attack.  He was able to stop about 6 inches before he hit me.  I proceeded to go to the studio as I had to continue down and when I  got there I was shocked as there was no damage to my car.  I know I heard a crunch and a scrap, but it was the hubcap that took the brunt.  Whew!  Pays to pray.

     I also slid sideways down the hill by the studio into traffic but once you hit Main street the streets were sanded and people were able to stop.  I came home last night and refused to drive the rest of the evening.  I was breaking out in hives at the studio I was so scared. Hubby had shoveled our entire 7 car driveway which is very steep also, so my customers can get up into the garage.  I love the snow and know that it is necessary but so nerve racking when it is icy.

     I received a $200.00 refund from the Dentist that I over paid to have B's  wisdom teeth out.  Nice I will put it in the slush fund to pay debt. I have a few sewing projects to get done and then I hope to be able to hit the books and get accounts balanced so I can set up a payment plan.  I am not going to do anything drastic, just take Sluggies advice and slow and steady wins the race.  The real solution is not to add more debt! I also need to update my totals that should be fun!

     I avoided going to the store last night, but will have to go tonight.  We are out of dog food, chicken food and soda. I can go without soda but the animals need to be fed.  The dog loves cat food.

     Well I am off to the salt mines and I hope today is better on the roads than yesterday!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow Im glad that you are OK...that is so scary! Also great job on not using your credit cards!!!!

  2. Heck I wouldn't want to drive again after that experience either!
    Stay safe.
    And no more debt. Take bites out of the debt you have one chunk at a time, don't over do on paying the debt and leave yourself short on cash, to pay what needs paying now.
    Be the turtle.....win the race! ;-)

    1. I love you Sluggy you are my bestest buddy. I mean bestest!

  3. That's super scary... once I was driving to my part time job, in one of the worst snowstorms we had in years, and my car, being light in the rear (ha), skid almost into a circle at an interception, and missed the ditch by less than a few inches. I was able to make it to work safely (one of 3 that actually showed up from a call-in of 10 people), but that was bad.

  4. I'm glad you are OK! Stay safe out there!!

  5. So glad that you are OK!! We have had bad roads too. I hate that when you have no control, just pray and hold your breath! (Then change your pants when you get home!)