Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, Hell week begins

     Sluggies package arrived and it was so fun to open.  Really made my day.  I actually found it among the smaller packages that were shipped for the show and I was so tired and frazzled. Quite the pick me up let me tell you.  Thanks Sluggy! You are the best.  Right on top some cough drops which I needed.  Lot's of goodies just for me.

 I was able to get some rest yesterday which was good.  Had originally thought about having people for dinner which would have been fun, but hub's schedule was a little iffy.  So I took a long nap after church and then was in bed a got at least 8 hours of deep sleep it was great and does not happen very often.

     The Friday performance for the kids went well even with the carpeted stage.  I was not in good form.  I had worked way too hard the few days before and having to get up early again was just not in me.  I am NOT A MORNING PERSON.  I was in tears when I arrived home to a messy house, which was fine the girls were home and that was expected.  I had a terrible headache and took something then started to get a handle on my emotions.  B came upstairs and said that there was a young man downstairs that needed me.  Crap!  I am closed, this is a holiday for me please....  Another brother from the Wedding party had just flown in on Thanksgiving and his suit was hopelessly too big.  So instead of resting and doing the things I wanted to do I got to completely remodel a suit.

     I wanted to cry but it was one of those moments where you just put on your big girl panties and get with the program.  I quickly made the beds, put away the silver and all the china.  Basically cleaned the house.  Son in law had packed off a ton of left overs the day before and I packed up a whole bag of things for B and then cleaned the kitchen.  Girls took off for B's so the house was quiet and Hub's was outside raking leaves,  I conquered the suit and the laundry.  We thought about going to a show and I was just to emotionally drained to do this.

     Saturday we were due at the civic to start on set.  I was there all day.  Hub's left at noon to join the girls.  It was B's 23rd birthday and they were going to a Vandal football game.  Then Hub's was driving D#2 home to the Tri-cities where her husband lives. We were able ( me and group of parent volunteers) to get most of the painting done.  Then a group of us decorated the lobby and we were done about 5:30.  It was a long day.  Hub's called to say he made it to the Tri-Cities about the time I thought he would be home.  He was staying the night and would come home in the morning.  So I was able to have a quiet evening and I really needed some down time.

     I boiled the turkey carcass and I am going to make a big pot of soup today which we will eat on for a few days.  Mom is due home on Thursday.  I have major sewing today and tech rehearsal is tonight.  I also am getting a basket of goodies together for my besties birthday.  So I had better get busy and quit goofing off blogging.  Hell week begins we open Friday.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Bestie thanks you for her basket! It was especially appreciated, as not many people remembered my BD this year, and you were seriously overstimulated as is. Glad I was able to hire a babysitter and could help you at the Civic on Saturday. You are a rock star. Thanks for showing me how to do hard things.