Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday, money saving madness!

     It was a lovely weekend.  I was busy but able to puts at things I wanted to do.  Got in a couple of naps, a little cleaning, worked several hours on a Wedding dress bodice.  I am not even half done with the embroidery, but can see progress.  Went to several second hand stores.  There is a new one that opened up and it is lovely.

     I have several things I need to accomplish today.  I want to finish up my pumpkin project.  I need to vacuum the living room.  I need to clean up again after making pumpkins as I have un done my clean up work from last week.  I am just like a kid in that respect.  I also need to water the plants inside and out and clean up my kitchen.  I am hoping to do those things before I hit my shop this morning.

     I agreed to go in a sub an 1.5 hour ballet class at 5:00 so I will have to get my sewing for the day day done this afternoon.  I have a major fitting of three pageant dresses at 4:00 so I must get busy each of them needs some work and one needs major work so I will be plenty busy.  I will continue to work on the wedding dress at night while I watch some TV.  As it is all hand work, it just seems to go faster when I watch something.

Money Saving Madness:

1. Ate out of garden and out of freezer all week. Trying to keep up with Anne in no grocery spending.

2.  Did not buy any groceries, but margarine that mom needed for her banana bread.

3.Bought all things for my pumpkin craft project at 1/2 off sale at second hand store, I was even able
to pick up my batting there for .89 cents!

4.Went to see daughter and spent no money eating out.  I cooked for her and family.

5. Had a client bring over 4 sets of beautiful king size sheets and pillow covers.  One set was brand new.  I will not be buying sheets for a while and I re gifted two sets to our auto mechanic.

6. Lil sis wanted a quilt rack at the foot of her bed for her heavy bedspread and I found one for her for 2.98 at a thrift store.  Added a little new paint and it is perfect.

7. Made Lil sis's birthday gift and bought her a nice gifty on sale in a close out.

8.  Made birthday cake with everything on hand after attempting to buy one.  But then thought of the waste and my challenge with Anne.

9.Made several loaves of banana bread with mom to use up old bananas.  This is great to take out of freezer for a sweet when needed.

10. reused sour cream and cottage cheese containers for leftovers.

11. Went to get sewing supplies armed with coupons.

12. lined dried all linens

13. Lengthened a couple pairs of shorts for me that I had bought on a great sale.  I alter many of my clothes in order to save money.  I like good quality and I will buy them bigger to get a good sale price.
So what did you do this week to save money?

  Hub's said we were out of breakfast cereal, ( see what happens if you don't go to the store?) so I will be getting some of that today along with my list of chores and work.

Going back and proof reading ( I usually don't do this if you haven't noticed) I am already tired.  I will have to be the little engine that could today!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. I'll be making an unplanned trip down to VA to see eldest son later this week.
    His fiancee left him last week and even though he's 26 he needs his mom right now. 8-(

    1. Oh Sluggy he does need his momma :( safe trip

    2. Isn't this kind of a blessing though? Don't tell him that.... I just mean that is so hard. Tell him he is wonderful and any girl in their right mind would be a fool not to want him. Rejection is one of the hardest tings to recover from and this will take a lot of time. His and yours.

    3. sluggy,
      I thought I read this somewhere, and I searched your last two posts several times. That is terrible that he is so wounded by this happening. Go cook for him. What happened?

  2. Hello, good job on all your savings!
    Proof reading is over rated anyway. My blog is full of typos 😂🤔😱

    1. I can proof read I just don't take the time and If you read someones blog to criticize syntax, spelling and such you don't have to read it at all.

  3. I won't mention your typos (except for the funny ones) if you won't mention mine.

    An alteration story--I was at the local jr college in the sewing class/dept. I had gone there just to use their huge cutting tables that are high to cut out a few things. No, I did not learn to sew there. A stressed out, frantic woman came in, friend of instructor, and wanted her to alter something that was needed the next weekend.

    The instructor was too busy and turned to me, asking me if I could do it. This was a dressy top made of sequined, elastic material. The person who made it had used a pattern for the top and the strapless top fell right down. I took a pair of scissors and turned the top wrong side out and just cut the seam right off.

    The mother and daughter almost fainted as she screamed and clutched her pearls. I was stunned as the instructor ran in. She assured the woman I was doing it right and had not further ruined the top. There was no way I could have picked out the seam.

    The woman almost fainted and had to be caught and steadied by bystanders. I was shocked at the reaction. People should never know what a seamstress does to their garments! Okay, thought you would appreciate that.

    You have inspired me to bake tonight. I have a spice cake mix and a cup of mashed bananas in the refrigerator. Yes, I do bake scratch, but this is here, not bought by me. Right now, my project is dehydrating.

    1. Good for you on the baking and using up stuff. Yes I have scared a bride or two. Funny story.

  4. Typos are what keeps a blog real! By the sounds of it, you have plenty of other things to do with your time!

    1. I have been so flippin busy today, now I have to go teach and I haven't gotten done what I wanted to at all. Grrrr!. I am blessed with work. I keep telling myself that.

    2. When I hear people griping about working so hard, I tell them I would love to be able to work! I cannot! So, while I don't mind hearing of all you do and must do, be glad you can work. It is a gift. You are blessed to be able to work.

      Now, I can work for a few minutes and must lie down. It's so hard to get anything done around here when ten minutes of hanging onto the counters is the best I can do. You must be a superwoman.

    3. I am so sorry about your health. That must be terrible.

  5. Great job on you Money Saving Madness! I am exhausted just reading how busy you stay on a daily basis. You go, girl!

    1. By the way, this is Lisa from Cents To Save. Yeah, that blog was sidetracked in a big way. Oh well. Congrats on your consistent blogging!

    2. Are you going to revive your blog, Lisa? I'm always on the lookout for additional finance blogs to read! I've slowly been going through quite a comprehensive list over at Rockstar Finance. When it comes to personal finance, one can never have enough to read! Lol

    3. I think I will continue on with my new blog, "Figuring Out Retirement" if you click my name it should take you to it. I am just getting back in the blogging mood again, and being more accountable to myself.

    4. retirement is wonderful if it is you. If you are still working and it is your husband well....

  6. Great savings happen when we stay out of stores.ha
    Have a great week.