Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday, Art pillow

      I used my TV time to create this very crude Art pillow for my sister's bedroom.  It is a  funky style.  Her bedroom is very plain and needed some color.  She has purchased several art pillows but I just wanted to create one for fun. My embroidery is crude but that is what I wanted.  I did not want dainty.  I wanted texture.  This was made entirely from scraps, I did not buy a thing.  I like that part the best.  Reusing things that others would normally throw away.  Okay some of you are probably thinking....(well I would throw that away)

Onto yesterday, or back to yesterday.  Mom kept me on a dead run until 3 in the afternoon and she would have continued except I had to get to work.  I so need to catch up a little and I don't know why I try as 5 more dresses came in yesterday afternoon.  I am blessed with work.

     We had left overs for dinner, and they were good. But today I have to make something.  Hmm.... I have three pounds of ground beef in the fridge that I will cook up and I think I will make another huge pot of spaghetti sauce.  Mom is craving shepherds pie so we will see where that goes.  I gave away and used up all the sauce I made, so I will try and freeze some of this.

     I did not get half of what I needed to get done in the shop so I am behind the 8-ball.  I did get three items ripped and ready so if I can get 5 major things done I will feel like I am back on track.  Don't know why I plan these huge piles of work that no human can accomplish without distraction and I have major distraction.

     At least I stay motivated.  Motivated to hurt someone.  Lord give me strength.

Mom and I made 8 dozen sour cream cookies yesterday.  She is too weak to be left alone baking.  She can't remember what has been put in a batter and she can't see good enough to take things in and out of the oven so I have to stay close.  Which means I waste time between batches.  I was inspired by many of the blogs to put out my fall decor.  So I ran around between cookie trays and put things out.  I also was able to do all but two loads of laundry.  I will finish those up this morning  and ignore the ironing they have created.  It was a lot of running up and down stairs.

     I did get the shop cleaned up as in the floors, but I left the kitchen a horrid mess.  I guess that is okay as mom will want to frost her cookies and I can make sauce and clean the fridge, make a shepherds pie and clean up all at once.  But I will tackle my sewing first today.  After my 5 items are done, I will head upstairs to fight with the kitchen and finish cleaning and putting out some decorations.

     Let's see, hem and take in a strapless bridesmaid dress., Take in another strapless wedding dress, replace a zipper in a pair of  jeans, make a cover for a meat slicer, reinforce an extra large American Flag.  Call a few people for pick-up and then I can start on today's work.

     At least you can never call me bored.  I would love to be bored.  If you could buy bored I would even use a credit card:)

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I am worn out just reading about your day!

    1. I forgot to mention, I love the pillow, hint,hint!

    2. I am worn out doing my yesterday. and thank you

  2. The pillow is very nice. Did you pick out the five easiest things to do? Or did you do the first five that need to be picked up by customers?

    Please explain to me about your house and the floors. You talk about going upstairs to cook and upstairs to do this and that. What rooms are on what stories. It sounds like you have a basement where you cook. Or, is it upstairs where you cook? And, it sounds like you have a two story house.

    I made on cloth pumpkin minus the ribs and stem. Now, I have dug out orange paint to spray paint canning jar rings. I still have Halloween stuff to go through and send some to four grandchildren or give away. I do have stuff I will keep.

    1. I picked things that needed to be done. I already have a pile out for tomorrow. My house is a one story with a full finished basement. Mom's room is in the basement and so is my shop. They are connected by a jack and jill bath. Both rooms are large and there is also a nice size family room. The laundry is downstairs and a hall and entry to the shop leads into a garage. People do not walk into my home but right from the garage into the shop. The kitchen is upstairs along with the master bedroom and it's connected bath. Both are large. There is a smaller guest room and bath also. I have a large front room a formal dining room and kitchen with a connect4ed eat in area. It is a relatively large house. We spend most of our time downstairs but I have mom upstairs to eat at least one meal a day and to help cook. It is good for her to do the steps as it keeps her muscles active. On bad days she stays down and I bring all her meals to her. It is fun to do holiday crafts but I don't like to spend money on them.

    2. Thanks. I was casing the joint. lol...thanks. This explains your comings and goings and ups and downs. I always have stuff to work with because I don't want to go out and buy everything. I just look around and maybe dig a bit to find what I need. Can you email me?

  3. I really liked your pillow,its so pretty. And your comment on motivation(to hurt someone) made me laugh! we all have those kind of days.

  4. Pillow is beautiful.. Lil sister is blessed.
    How do you accomplish so much? You put me to shame..smile. Have a blessed day.

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