Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday/Tuesday/Monday? backward week anyone?

     Hmmm... Let me see.  Where do I begin?

     I sewed like a mad woman All day Friday working on a custom made wedding dress.  Hub's and mom and I were going up to Spokane this weekend to spend time with D#2 and family.  We planned to ride the Hiawatha trail on Saturday and just mess around for the three day weekend.  I also had a wedding shower in Moscow that evening.  So I sewed until about 5 and then ran and did banking.  I showered packed and few things, packed for mother and we were off. I left my shop a big disaster with dress parts and beads and interfacing, boning, lace and satin all over.

     We were late getting to the shower, but it was nice and then we popped back in to car for the 1.5 hour ride daughters.  Arrived late, and when we got up the next morning, the baby was sick.  He had an ear infection, so getting to the trail was not going to happen.  After getting meds and taking care of Sweet Will we decided to go on a different ride.  There is so much smoke in the air and we headed to Bowl and Picture.  Well we started on the wrong end of the trail, all hills and I think I almost died.  I am sure I left part of my soul on one of those hills.  Too much smoke in my already scarred lungs and did I mention it was 96 degrees?  Hub's was a butt as he has to be constantly entertained and plans did not go his way. Like I  can control baby illness, the weather, and the fire season.  It is all my fault.  Yes I will take the burden.  Mom by the way, other than slow, was lovely.

     We came home earlier than expected as Hub's was in charge of  a church picnic at 3.  When I hit the shop door I was blown away by the mess I had left.  My shop was a snow ball from hell.  So the first thing I did and I don't know why was to drop the luggage and start picking up pieces of the floor and putting things away.  All the dress things went onto a big table.  I also started a load of laundry while I was cleaning.  I swear there are 8 wedding dresses in the shop right now with the custom strung from hell to breakfast. Hub's was unloading the car and I needed to go to the store to buy some fresh mozzarella.  When I went to x-fer laundry over I found the wash machine backing up.  Crap!

     Hollered for hub's and he came as water was pouring out from under the machine.  I went back into shop and water was pouring out under wall and flooding shop.  Now real panic set in, and I realized the water was from outside.  All wedding dresses that were hanging inches from the floor were pulled up and I took off for the back yard.  Neither Hub's nor I had been back there and the pond had a running hose in it.  I suspected Hub's had forgotten and then realized the plants had just been watered.  Could Lil sis have been there before we came home?  At that point it didn't matter whose fault it was we had a flooded basement on our hands and it needed help.

     So out came the drain hoses and and Hub's and I sucked enough water out of the pond to stop the over flow, but we still had to deal with the continued overly watered soil that was pumping water into the basement.  We got out the large wet vac pulled up the sopping 5x7 rugs and move every thing to higher ground.  What a mess.  We pulled at least 8 large loads of water out.  Then he left and I ran to the store so I could throw together a plate of beach bread and we went to picnic.   On the way to the picnic the clutch went out in my car.   It was so hot and smokey.  Then home to continue to suck water up that was still seeping. I drove home with emergency brake and prayer.  BANG HEAD HERE! This is where I start to compartmentalize my bad luck.  It is a survival tactic.

     I still needed to get a craft project made for my Lil sis's birthday.  I worked on that into the evening and then I beaded some on wedding bodice. I could not sleep with the smoke and my nerves were a frazzle.

     I was just so grateful that we had come home early and that for some reason and I don't know why I was inspired to start cleaning up the shop floor.  Nothing was damaged and all though it was a lot of work and stress it could have been so much worse.  I said many prayers of thanksgiving.

Tuesday:  Booking on three hours of sleep I was up to start putting the basement back together.  Rugs were dry, furniture moved, floors scrubbed and laundry caught up and you should now see the ironing pile.  It is growling and grumbling  in the corner of the shop. I basically ran all day.

     I had left the house a wreck and my kitchen needed love, there was unpacking to do and there are still clean  clothes all over one of the beds. Hub's and I ran out and paid, the phone, power, paper, water, and other bills.  Then I decided to just buy a small German chocolate cake.  After  three stores I thought,this is stupid, go home and make one.  You can clean the kitchen in the time it takes you to bake it.  So that is what I did.  Kitchen, back deck,and dining room got a good scrubbing. I set up the dining room with cake and wrapped all of Lil sis's presents.  It looked nice and festive.

     I was so tired actually exhausted, too little sleep, too much work, excitement ( the wrong kind), and now worry about the car bill.  We went out to dinner, and I made mom pay as she can afford it.  Food was very good and then home for cake and ice cream and gifties.

     Lil sis loved her gifts.  New towels, pillows, novelties.  I also made her a Fall craft for her house.  She was thrilled.  Sis and I drove over to her house to pick up moms car as mine is going to the shop.  Sis and I had a long talk, and I think we agreed to dis agree but in a peaceful way.

     I have  so much more to write about but this novel has gone on long enough.  Stay tuned more fun and excitement tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day, staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. When I saw the word "clutch," I almost died!!! That was just too much. Then, I almost died again when I understood the wedding dress had parts on the floor. That would have been worse than any car trouble. You deserve a good nap in a hotel! And, don't tell anyone where you are.

  2. I can't even.... Did you arrive home just in time to save those wedding dresses on hangers from rising flood waters in your basement? Is that what I was reading? I'm saying this as an impartial observer....I have never seen anyone live the chaotic life that you describe in your blog! I would long ago be in the loony bin. Please, please try to simplify your life, get organized, make lists, downsize, learn to say no, anything to save yourself from this lifestyle. Seriously, you are going to have a breakdown or become seriously ill.

    1. All wedding dresses are hung on hooks from the ceiling. Yes we arrived home in time to catch the rising water. I am already seriously ill. I am trying to simplify and I have done alot to let go of demands placed on me. But with mom it is just hard. I appreciate your concern but I seem to thrive on chaos or I am so used to it I don't see it.

    2. I doubt lists or organization or downsizing would help the chaos. Of course, you could downsize, just pick what to get rid of--husband, mother, work. I think working at home with family present is chaotic for most people.

  3. I love you.

    Can I send my Hubs back out there to keep your Hubs entertained? PLEASE!?!?
    We need to start a daycare for retired Hubs. lolz

    I hope the clutch isn't too expensive to fix.

    Tell Lil Sis Happy Birthday from me! I have a fan, water bottle and "special" sunglasses I can send her......*snort*

    1. Actually when we went to Signe's this weekend she was mad that we did not drive through Spokane. She said she heard so many nice things about you guys from Jess and Cindy and Ty. She wants to meet you. No you have to take care of your own husband. Unless he can fix a clutch keep him home.

    2. Well Signe better be careful what she asks for! lolol As long as she doesn't put me in an ATV w/out a full windshield we'll get along fine. '-)

  4. I am so very sorry.. What a time ,you have had. So thankful, you got the wedding dresses up and away from the water in time.. whew... Know your tired.. Hope you get to rest soon.
    Praying the car being fixed, will not be too expensive..

    1. Yes it was quit an adventure for a few minutes there. But thankfully I must have been listening to the spirit.

  5. I am so sorry, Kim. As the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. You are a strong person, my friend! Hugs.

    1. I know many things that will kill me that will not make me stronger, Love ya:)