Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday, stinkin power

I was finally able to clean out this flower bed and area by the garden.  The garden is by no means done and we need to dig all the potatoes, but just having the wisteria cut back really helps.
I was able to clean and set up the front door for fall.  Of course Roscoe had to be part of the decor. Now why you ask was I able to do this, when I had just started to work on my neighbors curtains?  Well because as I ran over to her house she said her power had just gone off.  This is the second time this week we have lost power.  Dang!  I lost 3.5 hours of sewing on Tuesday, which led to a delicious nap.  But this is too much.  Of course when I got back to my house I entered into a tomb of darkness.  Well Drat!  Now I have no choice but to find something else to do and it was not nap.

As the weather was lovely I went to work on the yard and knocked a few things off my list.  Like this back sitting area which was needing a good weeding and washing.  It was messy dirty work but it is done for fall. I was able to wash and decorate the front porch.  Two things off my September list.
I love to come out here and sit and the babies love to come out here and sit with both Hubs and I.  We each have our own chairs.  we have snacks out here. 

I was able to clean off the back deck and rearrange everything for fall.  The flowers that were so burned over the last month are coming back and perking up.  They still need a good trim and I will be planting some fall mums and ornamental cabbages later next week.

 I changed out the table cloth on the back deck and added fall pillows.  The old cloth is in the washer and boy is it happy and dirty.

I also cleaned and weeded the red patio next to the deck, but failed to take a picture of it.  So  yesterday I was able to catch up with 12 things done on my September list. I don't know if I am more aggravated with the power situation or blessed.  I am behind on my sewing but at least the yard work is benefiting. Count your blessings right?

     The power was out until after 10:00 p.m. last night.  That was 6.5 hours. I went over to Lil sis's as she had power and watched some TV.  She was packing to go to St Louis for a few days.  I am taking care of her cats again this weekend.

     Speaking of weekends.  D#2 called and has a work seminar she must go to all day tomorrow. So she asked me to come up and watch Schmills.  Her husband got called in by the state for the weekend.  (that boy works way too hard)  So I will take off from here after dinner as I want to avoid the traffic and stay the night and will then come home tomorrow evening.  This is why I can't get anything done in the yard as I take  every other weekend doing something out of town and that is not going to change I am afraid.

     I pulled a bag of homemade stew out of the freezer for dinner, so all I really have to do today is finish the neighbors curtains.  To heck with the pile which is now a mountain again.  But that mountain will be waiting for me when I return.
     What are you going to get done this weekend?  Any plans? Anything fun? Schmills is fun!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Watching the grand is a great escape from the norm.
    Your yard is very pretty. Nothing that has baked in the sun is coming back here, but I am seriously considering planting more sage and basil. I use them a lot and it is still a long way form our first frost.
    I need a nap (or to just go to sleep before 2 or 3 in the morning)

  2. I live very near Anne, and it was 100F today. Since all my plants were stolen, I may get some basil for here. Nothing much fun will happen since I have uti and Tommy will watch football. Oh, I forgot that Saturday at his church will be a game night. I have to get to feeling better since I love games. We are going to play Bingo and have to take White Elephant prizes.

  3. Your yard is very pretty and looks relaxing. Naps are awesome.

    1. They are the best and the yard is beautiful but way too large and I just can't take care of it any longer.

  4. Your garden & your deck areas look wonderful all ready for autumn Kim. I hate it when the power goes out - we live rurally & we seem to have lots of power cuts here too. Have a great weekend Kim xx

    1. thanks, it is relaxing out there, I just wish the yard was not so large!

  5. I have the Christmas money for the kids, grandkids and great grandson put back that was planned for Dec. That's a big check mark.

    Medical bills are paid off.

    Bills for Sept paid off and Oct mortgage paid.

    Decreased IRA withdraw by $2275 due to larges bills paid off.

    Changed budget for next 12 months to what would be the Social Security budget. If we can't make it on that budget Hubby won't start his Social Security in 2020.He doesn't want to lose income due to earning too much on his paying hobby or mess us up with taxes and lose that way.

    I still have cucumbers, beets, apples, pie pumpkins, onions,cabbage and will have butternut squash, tomatoes and more beets to can this month.

    Have to clear 4 rooms for contractor to repaint the 4 rooms that the paint was bad and came off when the walls were washed. SO HOUSE TORE up for next 2 wks if not 3. Waiting to do fall cleaning and caulking, insulation AFTER the painting and before we move furniture back.

    Went over Sept menu... too many require on task cooking which isn't going to happen... Hubby offered to pay for meals during painting week from his hobby money. I asked from where. He offered Monday Chinese buffet as we have coupon for half price ($10 with water to drink). Tuesday gas station pizza($10) Wednesday Meatloaf from Pfeiffer Station lunch (we can reheat for diner) ($14)Thursday Beef and noodles Pfeiffer Station lunch (reheat for dinner)($14) and Friday take out from the other Chinese($20) so we can eat the leftovers on Saturday. WITH some kind of tortilla wrap for lunch that can be done the night before and just pulled from the frig and ate out on the porch since the deck is still NOT done.

    I don't even want to look at the yard list.

  6. Your yard is lovely! It is a beautiful day here, but I will be stuck in the office all day with the campground full of cub scouts. I would much rather be outside playing in the dirt!

    1. Cub scouts? Well if you fall and get hurt they have all probably passed the first aid class....right?