Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday, Finishing up the month

     Well I will have quite a few things to bring into October from my Sept to do list and as it is getting cold and the fact that most are indoor things is good.we will still have to do an annual fall clean up which will take days, and that will probably not happen until November now as I look at the calendar unless the shop slows down significantly.

     I still have plenty to do this week in the shop, and as I will be gone the 5th-12th of October I have to have everything caught up.  I did get a wedding dress in on Friday and another is coming tomorrow.  The one that is coming tomorrow has to be out by the end of the week.  I am just plugging a long, trying to make sure I don't get behind.

     I was able to clean out the two basement freezers, both are small versions, so not an incredible mess.  They are much more organized and I know what is in them and where everything is now.  I had a couple of butters and a margarine frozen that I put in the downstairs fridge for baking.  I will have to stock up on those at holiday sales.  But other than that we will not stock up on anything as we look toward selling and downsizing the house in the spring.  It is strange for me to see a good sale and tell myself no, you do not want to have to store those.

     I am only buying things for immediate use or just a few months out right now.  Sometimes there is no need to grocery shop.  This week I purchased 1/2 gallon of milk and two 2lb bags of powder sugar.   I will need the sugar for Christmas baking and it was the limited sale item for the week at .99.  I also found the milk on close out for .89.  That was my grocery haul for the week.  Don't you all wish you could just spend less than $3.00 for a weeks meals.

     Today is the last day of the musical Hubs is playing in and Lil sis and I are going.  He thinks this is the last show he will do as his tremors worsen.  He can up the meds but then he gets sleepy, although adrenaline pumps in and keeps him awake.  This saddens me as I know he won't get in the practice. He still has the orchestra and quartet group, but 3 week run musicals are good for him.

     I started the mountain of ironing Friday night and I only have 8 pieces left.  I will finish those tonight after dinner. That will be one more thing off the September chart.

     We are having a simple dinner, using up 3 cans of organic soup someone gave me when they thought I broke my arm.  I will make a batch of biscuits to go with it so Hubs does not pout.  He is not one for packaged or convenience anything.

      It has turned very cold here and we had to turn on the heat this morning.  Drat!  I was going to try and not do this until the end of October, but it was 62 in the house and I am already cold blooded and Hubs is staring to become that was as he ages.  Our water bill was $315.00 for the month and we have one more like this coming.  I was hopping not to turn on the heat so we could offset the high water with a low gas bill.   I did turn off the irrigation to the yard and I also turned off the pond pump for the year.  I know it will warm back up we are just having a cold spell.  We will still get our incredibly warm and beautiful Indian summer.

     The pond has developed a bad leak and we will have to replace the liner next spring.  That will be a job. I just hope the leak is not in the hosing as I don't want to dig that up.  Well I am not going to borrow trouble worrying about it now.  It is just one less thing to waste water on.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath



  1. I hope you enjoyed the musical, and had a good soup and biscuit supper!

  2. The musical was ..... I really don't like this musical and the lead young girl was horrid. They had some good characters. Three hours of my life I won't get back, but the orchestra was great!

  3. I think this heat wave we are getting this week is it ...I HOPE. I know in 2018 and we were looking for a new home I was not stocking up as I really didn't know what kind of room we would have. Hard to walk by sales. I don't even look at the ads now as I have no freezer room and the shelves have filled up with tomato juice, beets and pickles.