Saturday, September 7, 2019

Saturday, cleaning after Hubs

     They say highly sensitive people (snort) have a hard time with clutter.  It can immobilize them, I would like to see myself immobile. Anyway, as busy as I have been hubs tries to help by cleaning the kitchen after I cook.  This mean doing the dishes.  Only the dishes.  Here is a picture of the dining room after a few days of hubs cleaning the kitchen.  Nothing gets put away.  Just stacked and left in piles.  Yes, this eventually drives me crazy.

See the pile on this counter, all clean but not put away. It just piles up and up.

You can't see that the stove has never been wiped off and everything is a greasy mess. Even though I put out a de greaser for him, like maybe he will get the hint.....

Every section of the kitchen counter now has stuff piled.  GRRRR!

This is a bad photo, but the crap behind the sink is just over the top.  By the way this is a clean kitchen.

Also no vases or decorative things can be washed so they are stacked in a corner.  Yes that is my diet coke, I needed it to tackle this clean kitchen.  By the way that crock pot has been there for 4 days.  Poor thing does not have a home.

The garden produce on the table, the jar of rice, the groceries that he was to put away.  He doesn't know where the garlic and the onions go..... poor soul.  I am about to burst all that meat (not all shown) and put it through the seal a meal after I clean this KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!

but, there is a counter top under all that crap that could be put away when you are cleaning the kitchen. Yes thes floors have not been done but that is a hubs job and he does a pretty good job.

That recipe card is the last one mom and I used to make banana bread, it is in her very scrawly hand writing she had right before she passed I treasure this.

You know you can wipe off a micro wave and also put two dozen eggs in containers and put them in the fridge.
See that nice clean counter, doesn't that just make your anxiety about your messy house go away?
If you take fruit out of the plastic bag and put it away it lasts longer
That cookie jar is empty, poor hubs.
I don't expect hubs to go out and do floral displays but it would be nice if something was just put away.

I know,I know I should be grateful he does the dishes right?  I have been so busy in the shop and so wiped out at night I just can't get to many things.  But is was so nice to get this all cleaned.  I did it while the littles were running back and forth. Hubs had outside duty and I had inside.  I just cleaned and tended kids and put away and tended kids and then burst all that meat into smaller sealed packages.  This only took about and hour, then we had bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches, for lunch.  Yum!

     One of the littles grandmother cam a got the older girls who is two and took her about 1 p.m. so Hubs took the baby and put him down for a nap and I ran down stairs and hemmed three pair of pants, and shortened the sleeves on a dress shirt.  Then I took a two hour nap and it was lovely.  Of course by 4 clients were coming over and the last pick up was at 7:15. 

     I went to bed early last night and I am raring to get out in the yard today.  I have started the three loads of laundry I have let go all week and I have also taken a picture of the wedding things I want to sell.  I am going to posts them to a selling site right after this blog and them get my butt outside.

     Yeah! Kim gets to play in the dirt.  She is so excited. If I am really good and get alot done I will go and get my very damaged nails done later this afternoon.  We will see.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  What are they?  Is is something you have been putting off?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I can understand your frustration - but YES be thankful he tried at all. He did accomplish getting the dishes washed and that is big.

    It does look so much lighter once you went through it all. Very nice.

    I am glad you got a nap and I am glad you get to play in the dirt!!!!

    But please appreciate those little things, because you might miss them some day!
    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

    1. I realize that. It took me years to appreciate even that he did the dishes.

  2. Yes I can see what you mean Kim. But I must say, you have a very nice kitchen & I love your copper bits & pieces - they look lovely. I love your dining table too. I was hoping to play in the dirt today too but it is raining (again) - I am painting my small hallway. Give me a piece of furniture to paint any day rather than a room! I hate it but it needs to be done. Have a great weekend Kim - I hope you get to play in that dirt. xx

    1. I am a terrible painter. I can redo furniture no problem but a paint brush on a wall.....

  3. I am always perturbed, okay, usually perturbed when people "help" me by putting away clean dishes. Then, i have a search that has lasted for two month while i look for things just stuck in a strange place and not where i keep it.

    When my children had emptying the dishwasher duty, they were instructed to leave things on the counter if they did not know where it went. Imagine their disappointment when i came in and instructed them where to put the item. No, i did not go in and put the dishes away left on the counter. Each week there were fewer and fewer dishes left out and I stood, told them where to put it and watched. They learned which things to nest--like stainless steel mixing bowls.

    However, i cannot address your frustration with husband. Don't pull all your hair out, just go play in the dirt.

    Does he know where everything goes and that putting things away is part of dishwashing?

    1. He can't remember which cupboards they go in and he does not like to bend over for any reason.

    2. Maybe you could help him like I helped my children. With my back problems, bending over is all but impossible. Maybe it hurts him?

  4. First of all, I would be SHOCKED if my Hick washed the dishes! Every now and then, he WILL mop the floor if it's for a special holiday cleanup, and I ask him. He wouldn't think of it on his own.

    He thinks he's "helping" by rinsing his own dishes, but all he does is clutter the drain with food particles. We don't have a garbage disposal, so I have to dig them out by hand.

    1. Yes men are sometimes really unhelpful when they are helping, he is mating his own socks right now:)

  5. I have to laugh! That is one thing that I am struggling with staying over at my co-worker's place. I have my stuff stacked on the kitchen bar. As much as I have enjoyed my time here (more space) I like to have my stuff put away.

    1. I like these neat also, but I am a slob at heart.

  6. okay... can you come to my home and finish putting away all the stuff? Please wait until after the contractors come back in (Sept 23 for 4-7 days) and repaint the 4 rooms (front room, dining room, mudroom and laundry room ) that got bad paint. It's only taken 9 months to get this redone... MEAN TIME everything this month is stacked, boxed and crammed else where. Hubby told me to figure on NOT cooking. He has extra money to cover it. He does load and unload dish washer. He puts stuff away most times and what he doesn't know he puts in the middle of the table so I can have my coffee but TELL him where it goes. Now if I could get him to remember that certain items go in the Hoosier not the blue cabinet... but at least if it's not in my Hoosier I know where he stuck it....