Monday, September 16, 2019

Monday, Light at the end of the tunnel

     I hate to post things that I feel or see sometimes as I am sure that  the fates will take it and run.  But I just went into peruse my shop for my daily what do I need to get done and all I can see is the pile.  Yes there is one wedding dress that needs beading fixed and two coats that need to be altered that will both be quite hard.  But other than that it is the pile.  This could mean by the end of the week I will be caught up.  That has never happened in September before. Does this mean my shop is slower this year?  No!  It must mean that I have been working harder. ( choke, laugh, snort( you will notice I snort a lot))

     I have to remember that for three years previous to last fall I had mom to deal with and she took a great deal of my time.  Then last summer into fall I was a mess dealing with mom's death.  I got really behind as she was so sick in May and June, and then I was in that terrible fog for a few months.  But maybe it is just that I have been actually working harder.  Like maybe I am growing up and getting organized in my life enough to not feel like I am constantly behind.  Okay this is really nonsense but I was just thinking out loud.  Or typing out loud.  Thoughts?  Opinions? Or do you think I am going to get bombed by the end of the week?

     The hateful curtains are done. I finished those yesterday evening because I was not going to look at them today.  I am going to take them over to the neighbor after this post.  It is nice to be able to go back in the blog posts and see where the shop was a year ago.  I am really ahead of my schedule this year.  I don't know if this is a fluke or I am just managing better.  The fact that I will be gone for a couple of weeks in October has made me really try and get things done earlier.  Or maybe this is just a weird year.  Anyway I will take it.

     I can hardly believe that I could be close to caught up by the end of the week.  If I am just think of all the things I could get done on my list.   I am really counting my chickens. In the mean time.....

To do:
 1. take curtains to neighbor
2. shorten bridesmaid dress
3. hem a pair of pants
4. hem three pairs of shorts
5. hem 5 pairs of pants
6. alter mans suit coat
7. shorten sleeves of a suit coat
8 .shorten choir dress
9. patch three items
10. mend two items
115.replace waist band on 4 pairs of pants

That is today's pile.

But there is still to be done

1. fix all beading on antique wedding dress
2, shorten coat sleeves on a winter coat
3. shorten a winter coat

  Then the shop is empty.  This is it.  If people will leave me alone I could get caught up.  It is like a dream.  Can you imagine just have a few items a day to do and not a whole pile?  I can't either.

    I am living in a dream for the next hour.  Dang the shop bell just rang.  I hate to be woke up from a good dream.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Perhaps you are super focused on also getting rid of your mortgage now that your life is not as stressed out as in the past. Well done no matter what!

    1. I am just a head of the game for the first time in years, or else this is a big joke.

  2. Your mother being ill and her death and your recovery were keeping you from doing what you should and could do in the shop. Possibly, the best is coming for you in terms of efficiency and work. Distractions do not help productivity. Good luck keeping up this pace.

  3. I think taking care of you mom and then her passing added a lot of work and stress to your days. I am glad you seem to be getting more done. Spend some time outside. Before we know it the snow will be here.

    1. I have been outside so much and have been loving it.

  4. I definately think caring for your Mum & then her passing took its toll on you Kim. Sometimes we can be carrying a load on our shoulders & not realise it ... then things change & it takes "the wind out of our sails" for awhile. I cared for my Dad during his illness, then his passing & it felt the same. When my Mum became unwell 2 winters ago she came to live with us for a few months. It was SO difficult because she did not want to be here. Finally she got well again & could go home but I felt so burdened by it all & did not immediately switch off when she went home again. We carry things on our shoulders without realising it because I think - as women, Mums & homemakers - we put everyone else ahead of ourselves. Sorry did not mean to rave on here. I think you do a fantastic job of achieving all that you do. I hope things continue positively for you & fate doesn't step in & change things.

    1. Thanks Julie. I have just been so burdened for so long and some of it has been put on by my own good intentions. But I am definitely ahead of schedule this year.

  5. I do think maybe you've been working harder!

    1. I think I have also, it will be nice to get caught up!

  6. I think you are on of the hardest workers I have ever known about. Yeah on the curtains! Nice job doing your to do list!

    1. I am just basking in the lightened load let me tell you.

  7. So glad you got the curtains done, Kim. I hope you get the other things on your to do list done too. :)