Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday, getting ready

     Mom and I will be driving to Nampa Idaho tonight and staying with Hub's folks.  I just dodged a bullet as she called and wanted to fix us dinner.  I am sure it would have been boiled steak in tomatoes, squash from last year and let me see what else?  I am purposely coming in late so we don't have to eat. Hub's will get a good laugh.

     I started on old fashioned caps for the chimney sweeps yesterday.  After making one I had to enlarge the pattern and it is great.  I could only find the style I wanted in a baby size.  I was able to get about 6 of the 24 done, mostly because mom wanted to sew.  She cannot stand it when I am working on a project.  She must have one also.

     Last night I took her to Chicos and replaced her black and grey slacks.  She insists on wearing her too big clothes.  So now if I can get her one more pair of jeans and a new pair of slip on tennies I will think she is ready.  She can still wear most of her tops.

     We will pack up our things and take off, do  little shopping In Boise at Talbots and then onto Nampa.  Tomorrow we will get up and drive the 5 hours home.  I have an Easter suit I must get out for a client and get ready to have company.  Should think about a menu? 

     I will try to get in the shower and then sew a little bit more before I start packing everything up.  I can't believe I have been gone a week. it seems like a couple of days.

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. That sure sounds like a yummy dinner (NOT)! Now I don't feel so least I know how to cook half a dozen different things :) You'll be glad to get home I imagine.