Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday, Tax day, bummer!

$85.16  fruit, fertilizer, plants, baby gift.   I have no idea what we ate last night, but I am making our favorite beans and burger hot dish tonight.

     Well you know you can never make a plan without someone coming along to poop it up.  Right?  Our water was turned on Monday and I noticed the sprinkler guys coming back and forth to the house.  One of the larger trees in the back that we planted about 12 years ago has messed up the back line, which we now cannot find the box to.  I thought I knew wear all the boxes were.  I guess not.  Anyway haven't got the bill yet but I am guessing around $5-600.00.  I love my life!

     Not to be a pessimist I do have a $40.00 snowflake I am going to put on the car today when I go to the bank.  It came in a check from the city I forgot about.  Yesterday was all about patching jeans.  Lots of work pants out there.  What was funny is that right when I called to say they were done they came and picked them up, telling us that work pants are necessary. The new police motorcycle rain gear came in with out protective cloth on the right inner leg.  I have had such fun trying to get patches on these robo cop outfits and now the first pair of pants went into melt down.  The officer melted two holes on his muffler.  So I had to locate enough leather in this small town to make a huge placket down the inner leg to keep this from happening again.  I was able to get the shoe shop(cobbler)  to sell me a black thin cow hide.  So I cut the placket and sewed it to the pants.  Sure enough the city wants all of the pants done.  This is why I bought the whole hide.

     Lot's of prom dresses coming in and I have several pairs of pants to hem.  I desperately need to get to costumes for the show but can't seem to catch a break.  I also want to work in the yard some time this week.  So I will sew this morning for a while and then figure out  the tax strategy.  Laundry and housework are piling up as I sewed all day yesterday.  Daughter #2 is home and I can get her to do a little running for me I think?

     No time to write today, maybe this evening if I am not to tired.

Out My Window:  Beautiful day, it was very cold and windy yesterday, I wish I could be out in it so bad.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. It looks like that particular Wednesday was quite busy and stressful! When talking about money, especially when dealing with family needs, things may seem like they won’t work out at all—not to mention tax. Anyway, I hope things are doing a lot better for you now. Thanks for sharing!

    Wanda Hanson @ Tax Tiger