Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday, Spring is here and I am happy!

$29,97 meds. $68.36 groceries.  Took hub's to taco time for a salad for dinner.
We are going out with fiends this evening.

     I filled in all the holes in the front yard and did some more work on the back.  I spent time in the pond and it needs more work.  I also need to get more potting soil mixed and spend more hours on clean up.  But it is coming along slowly.  I did get the pond started yesterday so that is a positive.  Also started power washing the deck.  I don't know what hubs plans are today so I will need to see if they mix with mine.  Other wise we are just at each other all day. 

     Okay first he needs bachelor buttons put on a pair of pants that have been siting in my shop since before Christmas.  Done.  Now what are you going to do today? He can waste more time looking busy than any one I know.  So I will try to ignore him.  He has to fix the chicken coup. I bet he can't do it himself.

     Anyway I am going to continue with what I need to get done in the back and I am also doing laundry as I type.  I need to bake bread sometime today or tomorrow.  May be making another quick trip to mom's but she has to call me first.

Want to continue on my story just no time today.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I find men need direction to get things done!!

  2. And give them direction quick...because if you wsit....they go rogue and screw up other stuff. Mine is finally home for a few days and I am over and done with his "help."

  3. Was there water in the pond while you were in it?? Isn't it glorious to be outside again? There's something so soothing about digging around in the dirt. Good luck with the chicken coop!

  4. I'm glad you survived going out with "fiends" in the evening! LOL