Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday, I apologize:(

$10.97  Eggs, mustard,apples, avocados  Made hub's an omelet for dinner with a salad.  He was starving.

     My Sissie says I was very snarky yesterday.  I am sorry about my time wasting comments.  Waste my time all you want.  In fact let us not say waste my time as it is rude.  I think with Mom's problems and all I have to do or want to do I become impatient and get bitchy. Hub's can make me bitchy in a New York minute whatever a New your minute is? I also was rude in a reply on a comment left a few days ago.  i got a little defensive.  I think I do get defensive when people say "You do too much."  I know I do too much and I am working on it, I have been my whole life.  I really resent people especially (At church) who say this, but they are really just mean.  I cannot help the way I am, I love to learn new things and I love to do things, I love to create and my mind goes forever.  I did not make myself this way. nor will I apologize for my skills.  I have worked very hard at the things I do.  But I don't need to be rude.  So I am sorry.  That said, let's do life.

     Shop is gang buster's busy with prom dresses.  Prom is May 2nd.  I worked hard in the yard yesterday for a while.  Young man started painting the deck, but we could only buy one gallon of paint as the store was out.  So he is painting anywhere the furniture is and then we will continue when we get more.  He is coming over this morning also to help finish up.  We got the chicken coop all cleaned and it still had to be fixed.  Hub's can do that.  I moved the canoe behind the shed and we took a  load of garbage to the dump.  I had to cut down a small Japanese Maple that was very expensive.  It was by the pond, but it had died.  So I extended the slate patio a little.  The area is not done, as it is covered with furniture right now.

     Our tiller was also delivered yesterday and it is fixed. So Hub's has no excuse not to get the garden ready to plant.  I would like to plant this weekend if possible.

Out My Window:  Things are staring to come together.  My chicks are too cute.  The dogwoods and lilacs are in full bloom and they are so beautiful.

I must get busy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Like you I get impatient when I just want things to be done. Because the things to be done list is never finished, it continues to grow every day. I have to keep telling myself that Rome wasn't built in a day and it's ok to put things off til tomorrow...or next week. I know that's hard to do with the shop when you have dead lines to meet like the prom.

  2. you can't change who you are, but for your health and sanity, you do need to slow down just a little!!