Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday, good night last night.

     Okay so Monday night mom was not feeling well and we went to bed about 11:00 she tossed and turned and made noise until about 2:00 then finally fell asleep.  At 3:00 she is up with a bad charlie horse and I help her to the bathroom.  She is very sick all over the place.  Get her changed and back in bed, clean up the bathroom as best I could.  Back to bed.  Up at 4:00 same scenario.  Up at 5:00 same scenario.  I am now realizing that I am going to get no sleep and I have to take her into the emergency room if this keeps up.  Up at 6:00 same thing. I then stayed awake and listened for daughters alarm. When it went off at 7:15 I went in an told her I was going to take mom into hospital and my grandson would have to go to the sitters.  This screwed up plans for the whole day as I was to take son-in-laws mom who lives with them to the airport and also bring grandson to court house at 2:30 to meet with his new preschool teacher at St. Edwards.

     I went back into mom and she said just let me sleep for a little while.  We both finally were able to sleep until 9:30.  She was up at 11:00 and just fine.  She just as these terrible periods of stomach problems and then she is fine.  We have a hard time knowing when to react and when not to.  I know my younger sister ended up taking her to the emergency room In St. Louis after about 18 hours of this.  But after she was up yesterday we were able to get many things done.  We ran a few errands and she did very well.

     I had to come home and bleach all the linens and towels from the night before and I also went in scrubbed the bathroom with bleach,  How can one get sick in a trash can and still coat the bathroom.  What a mess.  We went out to Cafe Rio for dinner, I think daughter knew I had, had it.

     I was able to get a proto type of the penguin costume done and now I am going to mass produce them today.  We have to go to mom's bank today and also go get a few odds and ends at the fabric store.  I was able to get mom a new pair of jeans.  She was wearing a pair of size 18 we had taken in.  She kept looking at 14 and 16 pants I chose a 12 and they fit much better.  She really could wear a 10 in the butt , however she has a tummy.  She has lost over 50 lbs.  We have done every medical test possible for the weight loss and nothing.  Her clothes hang on her like rags on a rake.  So Sissie my goal is two new pairs of jeans and an additional pair of shoes as she loves those slip on you bought her last summer.  I am throwing the jeans she brought here away!

     I would love to add to my saga and I have so much more to write but alas no time.  Maybe later I will add.

Have a great and productive day!



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  1. Wow-you have a lot on your plate! I feel like I'd be whining SO much more than you if I had to do that. You're a good daughter :)