Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday, Yippee, I loves a Friday.

$49.12 salad fixings, some salmon, dish soap, cheese, bread making supplies.  Hubs, had large salad and salmon for dinner. He is doing well on his diet and I think has lost about 5 lbs, I am proud of him because I know how much food means to him.  I love my diet coke so I know an addiction when I see one and his is food of any kind, poor darling.  We all just love food especially chocolate.  This from a woman who took a box (yes the box) of fruit loops to bed with her last night.

     I sewed and sewed yesterday and I still feel no relief in sight but I will persevere.  My ballet mistress was having a break down yesterday.  I am sure due to stress and the upcoming show.  I keep telling her that the average age of the students is 10 the parents will love it and it will be fine.  Why, why are artistic people such down on them selves perfectionists?  It has taken me 45 years to develop a thick skin and I can still melt down, but I have earned over the years to let things go.  You have to, especially back stage when things will always go wrong.  You can plan and plan and rehearse and rehearse and things will still go wrong.  You just go on.

  Our old ballet mistress is not coming back her husband must have gotten a job in L.A.  which is good that is where she wanted to be, she will have more opportunities to dance.  I am trying to keep Ballet mistress busy with costumes and such, but boy do I feel for her.  I understand her worry and her angst and I know it is terrible.  Why do we all have to go through this before we grow up?  Poor thing she is a mess.  So now I have to sew, teach, deal with mom, and a husband who is overworked by tree planting, try to get the yard done and also be a psychiatrist for the mentally unstable dance staff.  My life is so FUN!

     My Sissie said I had to stay out of the yard.  Can you believe that?   But, but, but I need a break too..... the yard is a break for me.  I know, I know it will be there when this is all over. Blah, I hate it when I have to be responsible.

     Does any one else have to be responsible?  What do you tell yourself in order to get yourself to stick to task?

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I pretend I am responsible every single day. Hope you make a dent in the sewing soon. It does seem neverending at times!

  2. I have to be responsible. No choice.

  3. I love chocolate and I don't think that I could stick to a diet that excluded it.
    I really needed your words about letting things go. More than you know. Thank you.