Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday, I am trying, I really am trying

$12.69  soda, ribbon, zipper Hub's ate leftovers and salad.  I need to find something for dinner but I am so busy!

     Backyard progress:  Pipe still not fixed, back station still not fixed.  Deck is painted but still has boards missing,  The pond still needs work.  I need to plant boxes and garden.  I feel like all of this can be taken care of in a day if I could find a day or part of a day.  Right now everything is spread out on the back lawn and I have tools all over the pass through to the kitchen, it is a general mess.  I hope Hub's can get off his rear and fix the pipe and get the boards into the deck and then we can put all the stuff back on at least.  He cannot mow until this is done so that might be an incentive.

     Hub's has had a double tragedy.  His engineering calculator that he has had for 17 years decided to draw it's last breath.  They are around $400.00 now.  He also cannot find his drill tool box with all his bits and things in it.  The power drills and batteries are here.  The drill is here but the tool box with the widgits is not.  Of course this is my fault.  I take everything and lose it. We have hunted up and down for it and gone through the studio.  Cannot find it.  Everyday he discovers more precious stuff that he was sure in that tool box.  He is SOOOOOOO careful with his tools and so possessive that fact that he would lose anything is amazing.  So Sheldon Cooper it is and we are in deep mourning.  We must instantly replace all the precious things that were in the box, I think there might have been one of the children we forgot we had in there.  He has his secretary scouring the Internet for new calculators.  It has to work on reverse polish notation, which is an engineering term for backwards.  I think Mc Val will get that joke.

     I was so sure I could catch up yesterday, but between three and four in the afternoon, 6 more dresses came in so no such luck.  It is okay I am making good money and I can sock it away on a debt or put it away for lean times.  My ballet mistress is helping me in the shop right now.  We did get the 11 foxes done and she has cut out more things for the show.  She also steams the dresses and calls people for pick up.  I have to pay her for this service but she is thorough and good.  I just want so badly to catch up a little.  I'm really trying or am I just being trying?

Out my window:  Went out to the chicks and they were all sitting in on of the feeders like it was a nesting box.  So funny all squashed in with their heads sticking out.  I put a board and a brick on top to keep them from doing that.  They have nesting boxes up top, but this is their second day in the big coop and I don't think they have explored enough.  There is a reason we have the term bird brain and it is not just for Sonya Ann, and my twin sister:)

Have a great and productive day.



  1. RIP calculator.....the tragedy of it all

  2. thank goodness you have your ballet mistress otherwise you would be up the creek. Here's hoping things calm down a little for you.

  3. Wow, lots going on in your world! On a lighter note, if your hub is going a little Sheldon about the missing tools and dead calculator just make sure no one sits in his spot.