Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday, leaving town

No spend.  Leftovers for dinner.  Putting a chicken in the crock pot this morning and taking it to the neighbor with potatoes and carrots. 

     Sewed hard yesterday, was able to get two wedding dresses out and still have more to do.  Mom watched Mary Poppins this afternoon and also Saving Mr. Banks.  I put the subtitles on for her and she really enjoyed the movies.  We have a super large TV , which we don't watch very much.  I bought her a really nice small flat screen a few years ago that hangs on the wall of her bedroom.  It has a remote hanger so she can sway the screen flat or put it out at different angles.  She can sit in a chair or in her bed and adjust the screen.  But it is not large enough for her to read subtitles with her vision.I always figured when she finally had to move in with me we would hang this TV in her room here, but now I am rethinking that.  She will have to have a much bigger screen.

     She is ordering books from the blind society now.  She can still read large print but she seems to tire her eyes trying to focus.  I do not know how she sews like she does.  I swear her crap is spread all over the house.  We call them Mother droppings. She cannot contain herself to one room.  So I gathered all the sewing stuff in one bag from eight rooms in the house, yes eight, she even had some of her sewing things in the renters bathroom?  I don't know how she does it.  I am trying to get her wash done as I type.  I also threw away these really awful jeans she insists on wearing that she took darts in herself.  About 6 darts in back and they look ridiculous.  I know all three of us girls have complained to her about how bad they look and she insists that no one can see the darts as her shirts are too long.  Well I can see them so can Kelly and so can Kay.  Guess what sissies?  I threw them away.

      She also caught me.  I had packed her suitcase hoping she would not go through it and she did and comes down stairs and says, "Did you throw away my jeans?"  "'Why yes I did!"  Then she says she wanted to throw them away.  Like I believe that.  She would have had those damn jeans on the next time I saw her.

     My specialists appointment in Spokane tomorrow is as 1:45 so we need to leave here by 11:00.  I got everything pretty much packed up last night and set by the back door.  I also need to stop at the dance store and return a pair of point shoes that one of our professionals did not like at the Nutcracker and I need to pay for all the tap shoes I just ordered for the boys class.  I forgot to pick up the dance checks last night so had to run back down to the dance studio so a deposit could be made before I leave, but it gave me a chance to fill the truck with gas so at least that is ready.

     I do not want to take mom home.  I am very worried about her.  We have to do something and soon.  She is not going to like it.  But she has felt good the last two days.  I will be coming home Saturday and she was upset as she wanted me to stay and leave Monday morning.  I asked her if she wasn't sick of me yet.  Then she said part of her just wanted to stay at my house.  Yet she loves her own home.    This is such a hard part of life, when your parents can know longer take care of themselves.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. it's hard when you have to make that decision, I don't envy you.

  2. I am sorry you are dealing with these decisions. My own parents are relatively young (in their 50s) by my in-laws are in their 80s and my husband (who is his mother's only child) and I know that we are going to be facing similar decisions sooner rather than later. Not something I look foward to. Hugs that things go smoothly this weekend.

  3. I HATED when my mom had to go into a care facility but she had early onset dementia caused by Parkinson's disease. Then my dad also had to go into a facility because of his mental illness. Very tough times. Since your mom enjoys being with you her transition might not be too difficult. Time will tell.

  4. You are a dear. I will take you out for lunch once a week as respite when your mom moves in.

    "Mom droppings" = LOL! Do I have your permission to use that in a novel?