Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday, I'm down to 6 dresses

No Spend.  Hub's had salad and ? for dinner.  I was too busy to notice.

     I did get the bills paid that I could yesterday and it wasn't pretty.  I think I am going to have all this money left over and it is never there.  So frustrating.  I am waiting for more costume checks to come in so I can pay the remainder of this months bills.  I also found a check for $480.00 written to my daughter for the teaching she did in January.  I have held it because we have never had the funds to pay it yet.  Love money don't you?  The household bills are paid so that is a positive.  I was also able to make another snowflake as a check came in I was not expecting, from a source that I thought was long gone.  So $187.00 more in snowflakes on the car this month.  I also updated my totals and I want so badly to catch up and pass Sarah but it has been a constant 7-8 thousand behind for a while.  Soon very soon this will change.  I'm working on something big I tell you, something really big.  ( say this in the voice of James Cagney)

     Hub's finally got the sprinkling system fixed in the garden.  The station problem has to be fixed by the company.  J and I were able to get everything off the lawn and back on the porch even though there are holes there.  So the lawn can be mowed and I can water. 

     I sewed all day yesterday and even took a day off from the studio to try to catch up.  I am a little groggy this morning.  I think I have seen the end of the dresses and I want to get the 6 I have in the shop done and out of here.  I spent most of yesterday, catching up on general work, like letting pants out and hemming and such.  I had a huge pile to catch up on, it is not fair to make them wait for last minute prom dresses.  Now that all of that is done I can really concentrate on the dresses and then COSTUMES.  I can do this.  I can!

     Made bread last night late.  I let it over raise and then I over baked it.  Note to self.  You need a timer in the shop.  I used to have one but it went on the fritz.  I cannot hear the buzzer upstairs.  We will still eat the bread it is not burned just really crusty.

     Youngest daughter has one more semester of college.  She will graduate next Christmas.  She should graduate this spring, but wants to double major so she is adding a semester.  She was offered a TA position by her chemistry professor.  She does not know if she can take it.  But if she can she will either get tuition help or she will get credit.  This will really look good for her when she applies to graduate school. I hope it works out for her, because if it does it also works out for me!  I might have to contribute less.  If she takes credit she has more time to study for her tests to get into other programs.

     Well I am "off like a prom dress"  as my Sissie would say.

Have a great and p[productive day!



  1. you certainly had a productive day that's for sure.

  2. Hope you catch up on all your sewing so you can just breathe a little.
    I can't tell you how many times we have eaten "crusty" food!