Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday/Monday,getting things done!

     Went out to lunch with old college chum of Hub's that stopped by Saturday.  I was out back soaked to the skin as I had started pressure washing the deck.  Hub's was avoiding anything I wanted done as usual.  He did get moss killer on the whole yard and also was able to get all the fertilizing done.  But is the chicken coop clean? No.  Is it fixed? No!   Are the rotting boards replaced on the deck? No.  But we did get 3-16 foot treated timbers as we could not find an cedar.  For a man that sets up timber sales and sells truck loads of cedar logs to the mills you would think he has a source.  I will paint anyway so it does not matter.

     Hub's is on a strict diet so we went for a salad for lunch.  We had already invited an older couple from out church out for dinner.  Two meals out in one day is not good. 

     I was particularly irritated Saturday as I felt like we took 2.5 hours in the middle of my wonderful sunny day messing around getting nothing done.  Ask me what really irritates me the worst.  People who waste my time!  If I have an agenda stay out of my way.  We went to dinner ate too much and came home.  I got right into my jammies and we watched a movie then to bed.
     Sunday is three hours of church.  Sitting for three hours is torture to me.  During Sunday School I was cold so I snuck( not a word) out and laid back in the car in the warm sun and actually dosed off for about 20 minutes. Had a hard time staying awake during all my meetings. Then came home took a nap and made Hub's find me some more wheat in the garage.  Filled all my containers up stairs and returned the bucket to the storage.  We are using it up. Friends that raised our baby chicks called and we ran up there for dinner salads.  So good.  Picked up our chicks and I made them at home while Hub's went to orchestra practice.

     We have them in a smaller pen on top of the coop.  I filled it with mulch put in fresh food and water.  I also put in the warming light.  They may not use it but I will check in the morning.  I will go buy a big bag of medicated chick food tomorrow.  They are so cute.  I have two road Island reds, two leg horns, one buff,  and a wine dot and  one other breed I am not sure.   They are very tame.  Late Saturday afternoon I took all the chicken feeders and water containers and believe me we have a large assortment and washed and disinfected all of them.  Then I bleached the entire kitchen sink area and all the cupboard areas. Out all the containers out in the sun to dry.  They were so disgusting I almost got sick washing a few of them.  Shudder....

     After I got the chicks set up I threw together a batch of bread and re cleaned the kitchen.  The friends that we ate with, had used a rotisserie chicken so she gave me the picked carcass.  I brought it home and cut up a couple carrots, an onion and some wilted celery, I am making chicken stock while the bread bakes.  They read the blog and gave us a bunch of beans, yes we are bean eaters.  Her hubby is also on a strict diabetic type diet.  These men and their health, like I should talk:)

     The young man is coming again tomorrow.  I will have him finish scraping and power washing the deck, clean the chicken coop, clean out the pond area.  I also want he canoe moved and will take a load to the dump.  He can fill all the flower boxes with new soil and just do all the general heavy work.  My shop will be very busy tomorrow.

     The builder that I gave the chimney specs to came up with a proto type.  I loved it.  I have 7 of my Celtic dancers up on chimneys for step in time in Mary Poppins.  They are to be different sizes and movable for the choreography.  So they had to be light and also able to hold a dancer that is jumping and jigging.  When I use props like this I have them made by a professional. I had the chairs built for the Snow White set by this man.  He is fast and very good.  So that is another project done.  Need to get parents to put posters up all over town and the television spot is ready and going forward.  Details, details, my head will explode.

Will try to add to my story tomorrow.

Have a restful Sabbath.


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  1. Your chickies are: 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 White Leghorns, 1 Amber White (looks like a Leghorn, but is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White), an Ameracauna (the white gold-flecked one with "cheeks"), and a Silver-Laced Wyandotte (the runt of the litter.) The Wyandotte is the same age as the Leghorns; don't know why she is so much smaller. Hope they thrive!