Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday, where did Wednesday go?

     Happy April fools day it is my day to shine.   I have finally gotten a good nights sleep and mom is busy sewing right now so I have a few minutes to myself.  Daughter took grandson to daycare today as it is paid for.  I did not expect her to.  I will get more done today with out two of them to cart around.  My mom is rally slipping. Yesterday at the bank I about went nuts.  I did find out however that her bank accounts have not been touched since we left this is a good sign and I also found out she had been letting her homeowners insurance slide.  I called the company and she is fine, it was an old bill she had with a cancellation notice.  So now the company will e-mail  me if she is late on either of her policies.  So banks covered, CC's cancelled, home and car insurance watched.  What more can I do to protect her?  Oh yes find a way to get my brother incarcerated.  Harder to do than you think.

     Yesterday grandson and I played Mr. Moose.  Remember Captain Kangaroo?
  Remember how Mr. Moose would trick him into letting ping pong balls fall on him? (he was my hero) I pulled up some you tube videos of these clips and realized the Captain wasn't very smart or I wasn't very smart because it happened every day and some times three times in a row, but I loved it.  Grandson laughed and laughed.  I had purchased a container of 24 ping pong balls to make eyes for my penguin costumes.  Grandson was fascinated by them, I thought he should know how to MR. Moose someone.  We snuck (not a word) upstairs and Mr. Moosed Grandma when she was sleeping.  We Mr. Moosed  people all day and every time it was funny.  Grandson is like me and easily entertained.

     I was able to get all the penguin costumes done. except stringing the elastic through the neck and bottom.  But the will be easier to transport home and mom can do that next week.  I am also missing two ping pong balls ....can you imagine that?  I guess I could have a blind penguin on stage with a white cane?  So 12 costumes down and I don't know how many more to go.

     Mom of course had to buy a piece of material at every fabric store we go to.  Now she has 3 blankets pinned together and is chomping at the bit to sew them.  Daughter only has one machine.  I want mom to do as many of these things while she still can.  She is slowly going blind and her work is not stellar anymore. So my plan today is to cut out hats for the chimney sweeps. I will do a mock up and then get going on those.  All of the other costumes are one of a kind which are easier on the soul.  I have at least 8 or 9 dresses to do. Even though the pattern is almost the same they can be done up differently and that helps keep me from going bonkers.

     I was able to hem moms new jeans but she found her old ones which I will have to steal before I take her home.   I am anxious to continue my story. Impossible with mom and interruptions.  Maybes when I get back home.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. it sounds as though things have calmed down for you..............

  2. I had to go watch Captain Kangeroo and Mr. Moose after that post. Amazing how cheesy it all looks now - we were just enthralled as children. My favourites were Romper Room and The Friendly Giant :)

    1. Jane I made fun of kid that watched Romper room, you are seriously off my Christmas card list.....

  3. Oh boy! You've got some drama and tension in your life too! I'm praying for you.
    This past week, my dad got out of the nursing home and into an apartment. My mom is still at the nursing home and angry. And I mean REALLY angry. But 5 minutes later, she doesn't remember why she is angry. She just is. She's great to the nursing home staff and residents but to family she's gotten hateful. I'm sure things will calm down, but I just found out that my dad may have had a heart attack so he's back at the hospital... Life is roller coaster! Enjoy your grandson!!!