Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday, yard work or bust!

$19.00 plastic watering can ( must be plastic to use a certain moss killer) moss killer, 2 Pansie plants.  Used 8 cans of assorted beans out of storage,  We are actually out of garbanzos in the can.

     Hub's officially started his diet.  Oh goody a starving crabby spouse my favorite.  I am going to get some sugar free Popsicle for him tomorrow.

     I sewed like a woman on fire today to try and catch up as much as possible.  I still have one wedding dress and at least 7 prom dresses but they are not due out this week.  So I will try to get work done in the yard today.  I have a bride coming in at 11:00 so I cannot get too dirty before her fitting.  Then I can roll in the dirt.  I think I have at least 2 more trips to the land fill and one trip to the dump.  I have the young man that helped me a few weeks ago coming over.  I want to get all the branches picked up and the front  burn weeded.  Then I need to clear out the garden area and I can't even face the pond area.  The weeding is not even on the list yet.  I also need to have the deck pressure washed and scraped and the garage door needs to be pressure washed.  I will paint the deck this year again.  I did not do it last year and it looks really bad.

     We are going to get our chickens this weekend.  There is just so much to do I can't think of all of it at once  I'll go bonkers.  Many of my perennials did not make it in one of my beds.  This surprises me as I can usually grow anything.  So I have some holes that I will fill in, which I will do with sale plants.  The backyard it fine as far as plants are concerned.  I do have to mix up new soil for the boxes.  I was able to get rid of quite a few boxes last year, but I still have way too many.  Can you have too many plants?

     I finally got the taxes paid.  What a relief.  Never again I tell you. I was also able to make a $40.00 snowflake on the car so that made me happy.  I can't wait to get out in the yard.  I feel like I have been locked in the basement for three weeks.  The only time I get out is to drive some where or go to the studio.  Blah!  Don't like it at all.  Want sunshine, want dirt under my nails.  Want dirty knees and butt from weeding and planting.

Segue:  Mom's account just had a forged check go through from yours truly brother.  So now I am on a roll with that.  Crap like I have time for this..

Have a great and productive day, say a prayer for my blood pressure...



  1. you're doing too much girl, slow down!! Then smack that brother of yours round the head!!!

  2. When he gets up from the smacking, smack him again! I hope you let the law take care of him. I get antsy being closed in all the time. However, I cannot do much outside except plan.