Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday,wonderful sleep!

$31.16 plants for yard.  Leftovers for dinner.

     My house is a holy wreck, not a holy relic, but wreck.  I have been ignoring it all week and concentrating on other projects and it shows.  So today I think I had better show it a little love.  The laundry is behind in a mad way.

     It was so nice to take a day yesterday and just play in the yard.  The young man that worked with me is such a hard worker.  I just give orders and putz around, he does the hard work.  We took two big loads to the land fill.  I still have as load to take to the regular dump.  Possibly one more to the land fill.  The garden is clean, but the tiller had to go to the doctor, so we cannot plant until we get that back.

     I am going to have the young man power wash and scrap the deck, then paint for me next week.  Today I am gong to plant a few things out front and do a little work around the pond.  I plan on sewing this afternoon and I need to get my nails done as they have not been done in a month.  My hands and wrist are a little stiff and sore today and I really twisted my ankle yesterday going to get into the truck on my way to the studio.  I almost fell I twisted it so bad.  Scared my helper to death. It was a little twingy today.  No bruising or swelling however. 

     I swear I slept better last night than I have for weeks.  I don't know why?  Was it the sunshine and yard work?  Was it the fact that I was able to do something I really love and I felt satisfied?  Even with my frustration over my mom and brother I was able get to sleep and sleep sound for about 9 hours which is unheard of for me.

     Sissie sent me the cutest picture of her and her new kitten. Someone came into their back yard opened an old bag of mulch and stuck a 2 weeks old kitten down in the mulch.  It managed to crawl out.  Sis heard it crying and found it's dirty, wet little self on the bag of mulch.  So she and her hubby, are now parents of a Lucy.  They were going to turn it over to a pet organization but had to care for her for 3 days and after bottle, syringes, diapers and burping they can't give her up.  Which is so my sister.  She says they are terrible parents always losing something, forgetting something, can't get out the door with everything they need.  I told her she was typical.  No new parent can ever find the binky when they need it.  She is in seventh heaven.

     I am going to put on some grubby clothes and go do a little more yard work, then clean up, hit this house and the shop and then go get some fun.

Still working on the brother thing.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I am absolutely fascinated by your blog. Your life is complex, busy, out-of-the-ordinary, insane etc. It really is like watching a constant train wreck. I live such an uncomplicated, ordered life that I find your lifestyle so intriguing in a scary kind of way!

    1. Well let me entertain you. Orderly, uncomplicated, My life is very orderly or I wouldn't get so much done. It is however very complicated.

  2. It amazes me that we have the same ailments. Lack of quality sleep, hand and wrist issues, ankle weakness and accepting too much responsibility! You are a rock!