Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday, catch up, what is that?

No Spend.  Hub's ate salad and burger for dinner.  I need to go to the store for more salad fixings.  He is starving and cranky.

     Sewed like  a mad woman yesterday and barely feel like I made a dent.  Well I do have two dresses out the door 3 almost 4 ready to go.  Will spend major time again today on dresses.  I am ashamed of my house right now.  I am letting old habits slide in and not getting things really cleaned up, but there is no time and something has to give.  Actually a run through would take less than an hour and probably make me feel better.  The the itchy, cleaning bug would not be bothering me.  Maybe after my bath I will try to do that.  then I will go to the store and get hub's what he needs or thinks he needs.

     We are passing out costumes at the studio and I have not been able to get to costumes at home.  Ballet Mistress is trying to keep me on track and that is good.  She nags me so I get stuff ordered.   Thank goodness I have her.  Almost done with  my larger dances.  Then I have to get my smaller groups finished.
Never ending I tell you.

     On the mom front.  Brother was finally served and is out of her house.  Don't know where it goes from here.  It was a messy affair.  Four police men with guns drawn at all exits, and he was found hiding in the crawl space of the upstairs back bedroom closet.  One of his old hiding places from the cops.  Sister called and tipped them off where to look exactly.  I feel so bad for my mother but then again she has caused most of this with her inability to stand up and her enabling him to do whatever. He will be arrested for forgery, fraud and theft eventually as soon as the detectives do their work.  There is so much evidence against him this should put him away for awhile I hope.  I just want to close the door so badly on this portion of my life.  I do not need the constant stress and worry about mom.  There is already the worry about her health, I don't need his nonsense on top of that issue.

     It is a beautiful spring day.  The valley is in full bloom and it is so pretty.  I wish you could all see the dogwoods.I am hoping tonight after I teach is I am not at the studio too late, to get out a plant and few flower boxes.  Maybe?  I do plan on planting the garden this weekend.  Waiting for Wal-mart to get in more paint so we can finish the deck.

     Oh I need to go check on my chickies:)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. hopefully things will settle down for your mother if your brother is out of the way,

  2. I am so sorry for all family issues! I know what a headache it can be. I have a brother that does the same things, but I cut them both off as she is not much better than him.

    I hear ya on catching up. My motto is a day late and a dollar short! Seems I never get ahead - at least right when I am in the middle of it.

  3. That's so sad that your mom was being taken advantage of by her son. And she can't help the enabling part - I'm sure she feels it's the least she can do for him. But anyways you've done what you could, I'm sure it wasn't easy for any of you! Let's hope things are calmer and safer for your mom from here on in.