Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday, not my finest moment....

     Taco salad for dinner, also made a meat loaf as I had the burger thawed out and it needed to be used.
Tonight meatloaf, fried squash, salad.

     Hubs was owly with me last night, I am sure from working in the excessive heat, he is hungry all the time and his weight has stayed the same for 10 days now.  It is way too hot and humid (we usually never have humidity)to exercise at night, besides the valley is so full of smoke the air quality is bad.  My asthma is chronic right now so I am staying inside.

     Well, he is tired of my trail of beads and sewing junk all over.  But with all the wedding dresses I am doing and I am not talking about the sacred 7, I am talking about the real money makers, I am spending a great deal of time in the family room and not in the shop.  I like to sit on the sofa and bead or do hand work and I watch netflix, or I should say I scan netflix.  It just makes the tedious go faster.  I swear I am the only one in a 250 mile radius that does military uniforms and wedding dresses.  I constantly have 4-5 wedding dresses at a time in the shop  and additional 4-5 bridesmaids also.  I just am doing a lot more hand work it seems.

     I constantly have a pile of scraps, scissors, needles, beads, pins, etc in a pile on the side tables, not to mention, my snack plates, soda cans, glasses, Popsicle wrappers, you name it.  I am like a bunny rabbit, I just leave a trail of sewing droppings every where I go.  The carpet in the family room is constantly covered with little scraps and crap.  I have been so busy I have not bothered to be neat and hubs likes neat.  So we had a little battle of the wills last night as I told him to go shove it.  In the mean time he stomps off to the porch to read and I decide to give the very wilted garden a hose down.  The sprinkler system is just not cutting it right now.

    A girlfriend calls and is desperate for someone to watch her 26 year old son..  The people who were coming to do this backed out and they are leaving tomorrow for 10 days. Her son is handicapped, but not so severely that he cannot keep a job if watched all the time.  He is also very strong ( imagine Lenny in Of Mice and Men).  He has a really good job at the mill doing what they call shut down work which is excessively physical.  He works 12 hour days.  But he cannot drive.  They live about 15 miles out of town.  He has to be to work at 7 and gets off at 7.  He then eats and goes to bed.  The mill is about 7 minutes from our house.  Can he stay with us until they get back?  I knew she was desperate as she knows how busy I am and would never ask me to bear this additional burden unless she had called everyone else.  So she brings him over and I am trying to get him into bed and I forget about the hose.

     5 hours later, hubs has gone to bed grouchy and I go into the shop and water is pouring out of the downstairs bath across the floor.  The room the young man is in has about 2 inches of water on the floor.  I don't want hub's to know as he has done this before and I have about killed him, plus I am already in the dog house.  I get the carpet cleaner out to suck up the water.  It only works for one pass and I have to get hub's to get the shop vac out.  He didn't yell or say a word.  So good of him.  Young man wakes up jumps out of bed and the water covers his feet.  He freaks out because he thinks he has done something wrong.  I send him up to the spare room upstairs and hub's and I sucked water until 1 p.m.  We had to lift all the furniture onto blocks so it would not suck up water and warp.  I have a huge trunk from Sweden in the room that could easily hold two dead bodies.  It was full to the brim with china so had to be emptied so we could block it up.  It takes two men to lift it empty.

     Hub's goes to bed and I stayed up to continue to suck water where it was coming in from the wall.  Needless to say I did not get much sleep, then I had to be up to take young man to work.  We get all the way to the mill and he says he forgot and lock he needs at the house.  So we go back and get it, these are the kind of things he does regularly, but then I am the one that left the hose on so how really different are we?  Hub's is too tired to go to work, and he knows we need to get another fan. Besides he is reveling in my "I Love Lucy " moment and has to keep splaining to me how to clean up the mess.  Remember Lucy needs to be splained to a lot. But he did have me go back to bed for a couple of hours and he continued to work on the mess and also went and picked up another fan.

     Now the basement is a disaster.  I have so much sewing to do and bills to pay and I am a wreck.  The wash machine is going non stop with wet things and I think I am on my last load.  I can't put anything back until; the carpet dries.

     I love my life!

Back to the Salt Mines.



  1. Oh Kim you got some splaining to do!! What a night from hell you had but kudos to hubby for not turning the tables on you - he could of been nasty but he wasn't:)

  2. Sorry Kim. If it is any consolation, I was told today that I looked extremely stressed out by Benjamin's case manager for the Board of DD when she was out for a home visit today. Life has been a blur and I just feel like I am barely surviving with all there is to do. My hubby has been nice about it though. Hope your life calms down and that your carpet dries out!

  3. It never rains but it old Northern Irish saying.