Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday, What happened to yesterday?

          When one starts to forget a whole day because the phone rings constantly, there is always someone at the door, you can't sit down and have a clear thought until late in the evening, it is time to get out of dodge.  You know I am self employed which could make me some what self empowered if I would let go.

     After Hub's and my busy and stressful weekend we decided it was time to take a trip before the studio opens.  I know I could stay here and get a lot done but I need to get away.  With Mom coming the end of September, this may be the last time we really get away with out either taking her with or making arrangements to take her somewhere so we can go.  Our lives are going to change.  I am not upset at all about this and look forward to having my mother, but let's be realistic it will be a big old permanent change and it will be hard. I am an optimist most of the time so be prepared to listen to me complain and whine:)

     The shop is so busy and mostly with Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, not so much alterations.  I will not take anything new in after yesterday so I can finish up what I have and get these things out and leave town.  I talked to mom last night and she was having a really hard time figuring out dates and messing them up with her date to move here.  She is really getting anxious, I think she is tired and having allowed her the time to live in that big house all alone I mean really alone for 6 months has been a good way to make her realize she needs to be cared for by someone else.

     I had bridesmaids, the bride, flower girls, grooms men, the groom in the shop all day Friday.  It was a very busy day but a very happy day.  I also had our problem basement child picked up by his grandfather and made him take all his things as he was not coming back.  His parents were due home Sunday, I was done and my bedrooms were full.  I made it clear to both him and his grandfather that he was not to come back.

     Hub's and I went out Friday evening in between Wedding fittings to pick up meat and groceries for a potluck for his Orchestra.  He had a concert on Saturday afternoon.  I tried to get some weeding done in the front yard and succeeded in getting two large beds clean out but then had to go in and clean up for the concert and the Wedding.  I really enjoyed the concert.  They played a variety of music.  After the concert we both came home to rest a bit and then we called the wedding party and were told to bring up a music stand and 20 bags of ice, so we transferred to the truck and headed up to the top of the Palouse. 

     We worked our butt's off from about 5:30 until 10:45.  $400.00 worth of wine had been left out of the Wedding order so Hub's had to go back into town and missed the ceremonies.  So here is this nice Morman man going to get the wine for the Wedding.  He is a good sport.  We were in charge of getting the food going and keeping it going.  Then in charge of clean up to a certain point.  It was non stop action but we even got in a few dances in our aprons.  On our way down the hill back into town I looked at my phone and a text came in at 10:03 from our derelict roomie that stated he was at our house.  Well it was only 10:45 so I called him 2x and he did not answer.  Sure enough when I got home his crap is all over the bathroom and he has trashed the guest room and is asleep with the TV blaring.  I went in and tried to wake him up and he would not wake.  I was so mad.  Hub's wanted to call the police, but I just had him go to bed and rerouted the bridesmaids to other rooms to sleep.  I was SOOOOOOOOO mad.  That little sh&^ is such a manipulative piece of work.

     Got up got all the bridesmaid 's off but one and went to church.  Came home and started to get ready for Hub's Orchestra to arrive for a barbecue and potluck.  I did not speak to the brat downstairs until late in the afternoon.  The fact that he was not upstairs in our faces told me he knew he was not supposed to be at our house. I went downstairs and told him to call or text his mother to see when they were coming into town.  He comes back with well it will be really late so I need to stay here.  Oh no I am not getting up at 6:00 tomorrow to take you to work and you can get your butt back to your grandparents.  I made him call his grandparents and they came and got him.  I really let him and his grandparents ( let's call them the coco puffs) know how inconvenient they had made the  evening before.  I did not mince words.  Of course apologies poured forth.   I was civil to the grandparents but I really let the young man have it with both barrels.  I would not be manipulated.  I realized  he did that to his mother and grandparents but I was not buying the song and dance.  He was no longer welcome here ever. I also had a real strong talk with my friend and I did not mince words.She needs to get him into a lock down program or society will do ot for her.  He will end up in prison, because he is harmful to himself.  He must be watched and controlled at all times, for the rest of his life.  This was not going to go away.  He can not be trained to act or think differently.  It was also not my responsibility, nor should it have been.

     So yesterday between the 6 brides and the 45 phone calls I booked tickets to my sister's.  Yippee!  I am leaving next Monday and will be home before the studio opens.  So I have a lot to get done. Sewing, house work, bills,ironing, you name it I am behind.  Well I do pay the bills on time.

Out My Window:  It is terribly smokey here, can anyone say inhaler?  Chickens are laying 5-6 eggs a day and we are giving eggs away like crazy.

Have a great and productive day!

     Hub's Orchestra potluck was very nice.  They are such a cute little group of misfits and we ate and laughed until late in the evening. 


  1. You go, girl! Yes, more of the same. That young man did not need to be at your home and so glad you kicked his butt out of there. Everyone and everything is not your responsibility. You can only do what you can, but it is not up to you to save the world. You are so generous to a fault, Kim, but now that you will soon have your mother, I guarantee that she will be all you can handle plus your two jobs, home, garden, etc. etc. Repeat after me, "NO."

  2. I wondered if you were being affected by the smoke by the terrible fires in Washington?! Hoping and praying for rain! Sooooo glad to hear you're taking some time off - you need it!!

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