Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday,I can feel your love:)

     Hubs came home after all and I had nothing for him.  It was a scrounge.  Today I will take some meat out of the freezer and get a salad of some kind made.

     I have all the dresses put together except for hems and zippers.  Hemming is fast, press it up and blind stitch, cut tulle underskirt to length.  I can actually hem 6 of the dresses.  I can put zippers in all but one, then a little hand work and I am done.  I would say about 3 hours to complete all.
Dress #1
  So I cannot figure out how to rotate this because I am a seamstress.  Any way first, off the shoulder with scallop ballet neck.  All the dresses have the exact same bottom.  A silk shantung with the dull side out on the pleated and then gathered skirt. Underbodice is strapless boned with the shiny side out.  Each dress has a cummerbund of silk with a bow.  Bows are coming back.  All have a tulle under skirt attached to under bodice. The under dress is very fitted with the lace stretching over the top of a strapless gown.  This way each girl has her own look and I can take into consideration each body type.  

The back of Dress #1 goes to a V neck with beaded motifs

Dress #2 scoopneck and neckline back finished with bias and beaded
Are you tired of craning your head ?
Okay crane head again Dress #2 back these look better on as the cummerbund is stretched out and tight.
Dress #3 strapless so cute!

Dress #4 thin straps made of tulle cut motifs and beads

See detail, this is really cute on.  Girl has narrow shoulders so the crossed straps leave no doubt plus looks nice.

Dress #5 This was for a very Tall girl had to add 2 inches to bodice length.  Her strap is wide and goes from one shoulder over to the other in back.

Dress #6 Halter strap for girl that had brood shoulders this will bring in the line to make them look narrow.

See how the fabrics catch the light?

Detail on halter strap dress #6.
Detail on shoulder strap dress #5

 Detail on Dress # 4 straps.
Dress #7  This bridesmaid very busty so High neck top will cover cleavage which can be hard in a strapless gown.
Bead work This dress is really flattering.

So now you can see why have been in a nightmare.  These dresses will be worn with flesh colored high heels with rhinestones on the toes.   So the clear beads and purple toned beads will compliment the stones on the shoes.  I will be glad to be done with purple for a while.

  There is a terrific thunder and lightening storm outside right now.  I wonder what Hub's is doing?  I have a meeting with board President in about 45 minutes so I had better get my ducks in a row.  Then I will come home and do a little house work, as in laundry and dishes which are in sore need of doing.

    I have a flower girl dress to fit this afternoon a huge pile of alterations and 4 more bridesmaid dresses to hem and alter a little.  When I do custom work I get nothing else done so that is a frustration.  Then I am playing catch up on my regular work.  Blah!  I know, I know I can hear my Sissie yelling at me right now!

I need to go get some makeup on and check on my chickens.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Kim, those dresses are beautiful!! Great job!

  2. Wow! So pretty. I love that each dress is a unique style, suited for the individual. I would be a nervous wreck, cutting that fabric and sewing for weddings. Do you ever encounter any bridezillas?

  3. You did some fantastic work on those dresses!

  4. Wowzers! So nice that each girl gets a flattering custom fit! I hate seeing busty gals busting out of strapless bridesmaid dresses, looking like overstuffed sausages. I never understood why the bride would insist on that look for her bridesmaids if they didn't have the bodies to carry it off gracefully! Kudos on a job and a job and a job and a job and a job and a job well done...