Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday, it is so quiet....

     I left my cell phone in Hub's car last night and it is so quiet this morning.  By now the phone would have rang at least 15 times.  I know this isn't good for my business, I can do nothing about it,but enjoy the quiet.

     I had to run to the church last night to teach a Swedish folk dance to a group of youth.  I noticed that my cell phone had slipped down between the seat and the passenger door. I did not take it into the church and when I came home I must have left it there.  It is such an aggravation to have to keep track of that thing.  I could have a home phone to eliminate this but I can hardly keep up with one phone let alone 2.  My ADD tendencies make it very hard for me to deal with a phone at all.  I find it stressful, like it is always pulling me away from what I really need to get done.  I actually don't like anything interrupting my work, once I get focused I want to be left alone.  Now I am left alone and I am uncomfortable with the guilt of no phone access.  I am being trained obviously, this is good for me.

     I am trying hard to keep up the house and laundry so I don't have a huge cleaning fling before we leave.  I stayed up late last night watching Netflix and ironing.  This had much more to do with I had nothing to wear in the closet.  I had gone past my 3 week time limit of clothes.  I have three Wedding dresses ready to go out and a fourth one will be done within the hour.  I also have two bridesmaid dresses, that need to be picked up.  Then a large pile of alterations, and I hope to get a pattern cut out for another set of bridesmaid dresses.  Four this time and yes I will be paid for them.  I don't plan on finishing them before I leave but I want to get one done and fitted so I know what the bride wants.

     My shop is a real mess right now and I need to go through and clean it up.  It was so nice last night to know that Hub's and I had the house to ourselves.  I never realized how much I value privacy.

     Our grocery adds just stink anymore.  We have a Winco, but other than produce I don't think their meat is any cheaper than any other store.  In fact I think they are pricier.  We have a large Albertsons and a Safeway they are owned by the same conglomerate, so the adds are almost identical.  Let's just say grocery prices here are crap as usual.  We are gong to eat down the fridge as we will be gone, but I would just love one time for the Wednesday adds to come out and see just one really good deal.

     I am sitting here with a wet head so I guess I had better go dry off and get to work.  Have to meet the board president for lunch as 12:30.

have a great and productive day!




  1. I sent you a couple of emails....did you get them?

  2. Food costs here have skyrocketed over the past year. I don't eat beef but read that it has increased in price by 17% in one year!! Yikes! I have forced myself to NOT check my phone every time it rings or beeps with a message. I'll check it when I'm ready and not before. This really po's my daughter who thinks I should respond at any and all times!