Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, Bad flair up!

    We had skirt sreak, tomato, cuke salad, watermelon and fried baby squash for dinner.  Then ran to some friends for dessert.  Left overs for dinner tonight.

     Hub's about drove me nuts on Saturday.  He took Friday off to help with the flood, so had an extra day to do nothing but gripe about me working.  His retirement looms and I think I will have to leave home:).

     My arthritis took a bad flare on Saturday.  My wrists ballooned, I was terribly achy and tired.  Got through the day and went to bed.  Did not go to church on Sunday but slept until 12:30.  Really tired all day yesterday and that is my worst symptom today is exhaustion.  I cannot stand feeling this way.  I try to fight it but find myself closing my eyes and nodding off as I sit anywhere.  The stiffness and pain I can work through but the tiredness is so hard.  I feel like my head is too heavy.

   We had three raccoon's  show up about 2 in the morning Saturday night.  The dog went nuts and got into it with them.  Fur was flying and I was so afraid that Sandy would be hurt, get rabies or and infection.  Although she has had her shots.  Hub's finally ran them off.  Sandy is limping but seems okay.  I will watch her.  Hub's will get bear spray to put around the pond to keep them  away.  They come in and eat the fish out of our pond, little buggers.

     The mess from the flood is cleaned up except for the smell.  It is still a little dank down here, so I have candles lit.

     I have a lot to do in the shop and hope to get somewhat caught up this week.  Yeah like that will happen.
Well is has to as I have no choice.  I need to really scrub bathrooms and clean the floors upstairs, but I think that will have to wait.  If I am not sewing I will be resting, just so tired.

Out My window:  I desperately need to weed the front and back flower beds they are a disgrace, don't really care right now.  I will wait until it is a little cooler.  Chickens are doing well.  They are so cute.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sorry you're so exhausted. I can commiserate there! Take some power naps today. God designed us for naps, I do believe.

  2. Kim, I am so worried about you. You are driving yourself too hard. I thought you were getting some disability pay. I thought that was supposed to help prevent you from feeling like you need to take on too much just to pay the bills? I know you feel like you have to do all these things but if you work so hard and stress yourself out to the point of compromise your health, you are missing the boat. Because in the end, our health is all we actually need.