Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Where did yesterday go?

  Fed hub's some meat and produce out of the garden.  This is going to be my meal from now on.  He has lost 1 more pound so down to 208.  I am now married to a carnivore, who will eat a few veggies.  Since I have yellow, green, and red peppers I am going to do a skirt steak and make fajitas on low carb tortillas.

     Hub's cleans the church in the morning and I have a baby shower for a woman expecting triplets.  It is a diaper shower so I will stop and get diapers. ( Hub's bought $50.00 worth of diapers for the fire department last week to give out to family's running or evacuated from fires.)  I also hit a sale where onsies t-shirts the long and short sleeved ones were marked down to 25cents a package.  We know these babies will come early and they like to keep preemies in long sleeve for body warmth.  So I have several packages of white and colored preemie, and newborn to give to the mom.  I am on it.  I then have a bridal pick up at one.  We also have to go and help our cousins move into a new house in the afternoon, so our Saturday is planned.

     I have all the wedding alterations I need to do done.  I will come home to many, many more.  But I still have a huge pile of just regular alterations I need to do today.  I also must clean off my desk and pay bills.  Which I am loathe to do.  I have several errands to run, and I am going to do those things before I get really busy at my machines.  I can sew tonight.  I did get the pattern for the next set of bridesmaid dress's cut out and it looks like they will be pretty easy.  The cutting is the hardest part I think.

     Mom is calling me more frequently and she seems to be more anxious to leave now.  Her anxiety levels are high.  I hope once she gets here she can calm down a little.  Well I know she will, but I can just sense that this next 30 days with her are going to be hard.

     I am so excited to go and see my sister.  Hub's and I are going to tour Philly and I get to see Sluggy.  I am so excited.  I am going to make her take me to Wies?  Weis?  I am such a fun date.  I am having a hard time concentrating on my work because my mind is at my sissies.

Okay I need to get to work so I can leave town.  Yippie, out of the smoke and ash.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Pick up some stuff for new grandbaby! SO excited for you!

  2. Pick up some stuff for new grandbaby! SO excited for you!

  3. Going to get warm here next week so pack accordingly....though Weis is air conditioned. 8-)

  4. Cutting is always the hardest part for me. After that, it seems to just come together quickly - though no clothes for me. Quilts and patches!

    Let me know if you ever get the hankering for a Texas vacation!

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    1. Maybe we can meet have lunch or join us in the city? Let me know email me!