Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday, I need more Cheerleaders, please!

     Thanks to all of you who cheered me on, but I need you to keep going and I need more added to the flock.  I need to feel the tension.

     Hub's had to fend for himself last night as I was stuck at my machine. 

I was able to get another two dresses ready for zippers and hems.  I have one more to cut out.  I ran out of interfacing and beads.  Two more bridesmaid dresses and a wedding dress came in yesterday, along with other things.  Sob, cry, sniff.

     Hub's emailed me and said he was stuck in the office and likely would not be home as fires are popping up all over from last nights storm.  August 11th and 12th are D-Day for fires.  If they can get through these two days more than likely they will not have a bad a season.  But unfortunately mother nature was true to form  with a bad dry lightening storm passing over Idaho, and Montana.

      A huge maple tree in my mom's back yard was hit by lightening last night and split.  It is laying in her backyard.  This is the tree we had the tire swing on all the years we were growing up.  She called me from the cell phone I insist she carry around her neck and I pay for.  She was sitting on the front porch as it was getting dark.  She could not see anything inside the house.  As I was talking to her a neighbor came over with a flash light and helped her find a flash light in her house so she could get through the night.  I am so blessed by great neighbors that watch her and think of her in the instance there is trouble.

     I hope by tomorrows post I have all 7 of these bridesmaid dresses done to the point of last minute alterations and tweaking. I also promise pictures.

     I have already been to JoAnns this morning to get the things I was out of and a myriad of other items I needed.

     Well I am off, I need to hear cheering and nagging from afar.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Nag, nag, cheer, cheer! I want to see those dresses! Good luck with it all!

  2. Go, Kim, Go!! You can do it! :) :) (I won't nag today, just cheer!)

  3. Ok, according to my kids I am an EXPERT at nagging so......get those dresses done :) I don't think I have ever commented before but read your blog all the time - hope my "nagging/cheerleading" helps :)

  4. I am with you! I have 11 quilts to get done before December, so in the same boat, though much more time than you have!

    Think of all the money that will come in when you are done! Get 'em done to get paid!

  5. Oh no! The maple tree was zapped??? I'm so glad the girls got a chance to swing on the tire swing before its demise. End of an era. The spirits on the 2nd floor apparently are unhappy and called in a lightning strike...