Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday, still grumbeling

     Thanks for the moral and mental support, I did nothing to resolve the problems yesterday after I realized that my identity had not been stolen.  I need to go down to my local credit bureau and they will help me.  I will try to do this Friday.  Because it is obviously a credit bureau error they are much more likely to help fix this. 

 Had polish sausage, salad, stir fried veggies for dinner.  Also cantaloupe. Tonight we will have BLTs wraps on low carb tortillas.  I will make a salad out of the garden.

     Well my aggravation level is down a little and I was able to get the two wedding dresses done and one is picked up.  Now I have two done and ready for pick up.  I think there is one more but it is an easy bustle so the wedding dresses are off my plate for a dew days.  It is getting these da&* bridesmaid dresses done.  I am almost done with # 4 and have three more to go.  Because these are (non gratis) I only work on then after I get my daily work done.  The problem is the daily work is never done.

     Last night out of desperation, I really cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor which so needed mopping.  I also did the laundry which I will hang and put away today except for ye old ironing.  I went out and really watered everything by hand because it is so hot and picked all the produce from the garden.  I have to spend time watering every day.  It takes time.  Just taking care of this house and yard is time consuming and I am neglecting it to get other things done.  The studio right now really needs my thoughts and attention. 

     I am having lunch with the board president today to try and knock out some of these issues.  The nice thing is once they are decided I can give some of the busy work to parents who are willing to help to get ready for the new year.  The hours and hours I spend doing a mass mailing can be delegated.  I just want to get it off my mind.

     Until these dresses are done it is all I can think of and I just need to knock them out and quit belly aching about them.  Blah, blah, blah....  So my strategy is to do the 4 bows and the three cummerbunds that I have left, as I hate that part.  If I get the dreaded part done than I can whip out the rest.  Yeah I say that like it is so easy.I have beaded the straps for the next dress, so if I can just get my butt in the shop and cut out another one it will pull together in about an hour.  Just give me that hour without interruptions.  That is not going to happen but a girl can dream can't she?

     Out My Window: Still very hot here, chickens are producing about 4 eggs a day.  So I don't know who the 3 slackers are yet.  We are out of food as I used the rest of the 25 lb bag last night that means a food run.

I am still a little put out and grouchy, about my life right now.  I think I need a wake up call on gratitude.

Have a day.........



  1. Sounds like you just have too much on your plate! Hope you get a break soon. I, too, am getting tired of all the daily watering. Just a little rain, is all I am asking for :)

  2. I agree can't your dh pick up some more jobs in the house for you when you are so busy?

  3. It could be that all the chickens are laying, just rotating. Even the best laying breeds only lay about 265 eggs per year, so that means they will skip days. : )