Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday, sloggin through the pile

 Found chicken legs not eaten in the fridge, I thought Hubs had taken for his lunch, so I whipped up a chicken salad, made a green salad, cut up a cantaloupe and practically threw it at him when he came home.  I want4ed the kitchen cleaned up and was on a mission.  Don't get in my way when I am on a mission.  So tonight we will have the steaks, I think.

     I ran like a woman on fire yesterday, not once did I stop drop and roll.  I was able to get the last three bridesmaid skirts cut out and basted.  I had so many interruptions in the shop yesterday.  There was constantly someone picking up or dropping off.  I have a small pile of things that need to go out today but the first thing I have to do is get to JoAnns and Wal mart and get more ribbon for a ribbon regalia costume I am making for someone in the tribe.

     The board meeting last night was great.  We got a lot discussed and some things decided and some things not.  The schedule is up and that is a good thing, it is the reason we are raising tuition that I am struggling with.  I have been giving my time away for years and cannot get myself to charge for my talent so to speak.  The board is great about trying to get me to see the worth of the business.  I am just such a softy.  We are also going to computerized billing.  I will no longer be hounding parents for money.  It comes right out of their checking account or their credit card.  I will believe this when I see it.

     I can't imagine on the 1st of the month just having all the money I need to pay the bills and maybe pay off some debt.  What will that be like?

     Well gotta run, I am sitting here with a wet head, no makeup and I have a load of work to do.

Have a great and productive day.  See I am back:)



  1. that will make life so much simpler having it come out of the parents accounts automatically, until there is no money in people's account and that's when you are back to square one.

  2. Glad things are moving in a better direction for you. Hope the bill pay system works!

  3. "I can't imagine on the 1st of the month just having all the money I need to pay the bills and maybe pay off some debt. What will that be like?"
    It will be like the way it should be!! (AND you deserve higher fees for ALL that you do!! You're worth it!!