Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday,breaking news:0 :)

     Hubs had bratwurst and salad for dinner, tonight he will take me or or die.

     I am going to be a Grandma again!  I am so happy, happy, happy!  We only have the one grandchild and he will be 5 so this is so exciting for us.  There are lots of details about this that I cannot share right now but I am bursting with joy. All the drama and crap of my life much of what I bring on myself all dissolves when I think that my life goes on in the next little soul that comes here.  I am just so happy.

     For those of you out there that think I don't learn I want you to have faith that I do, but very, very slowly.  I will not costume or have anything to do with our Civic theater unless it is my show, because of over work several years ago.  I just know I can't trust them to do what they say they will do and they take horrible advantage.  I learned to say no to them.

     I had a group of girlfriends that I did Christmas baking with and I love to bake at Christmas.  I drove myself and my family nuts and made myself so unhappy for years and at Christmas time. I actually have an e-mail I sent to my sister pounding out my frustrations.  I would send her an email crying every year.  But finally Sissie said never again.  I send myself this email every year on the first of December.  I feel the emotion and I have never done this again.

     I will never take on some one's child like this again.  First of all who would have the gall to even ask me to do this as busy as I am?  Is this a friend?  Where do these people come from and why do they always find me?  I need to concentrate on my family and my life.  I don't need to be selfish but there are other ways to serve.  The night my friend called me and yes I still call her my friend, I was overwhelmed asking myself really?  What would you have to be thinking to do this?  Was she just desperate?  Was she not thinking of how much trouble he is?  Was she just hoping that with me there would not be any?  I don't know, but I will tell you a come to Jesus meeting is in order and this will never happen again.

     My sick pregnant daughter came into the house last night about midnight after working a 12 hour day and had to sleep upstairs in the guest room that is much hotter than the basement because I had goofus is  downstairs.  He is going to his grandparents tonight and staying there until his folks get home.  I am done.

     Sometimes when I don't think ahead I hurt my family with my generosity.  This is wrong.

     I have a huge zit and I haven't had one of those in 7 years.  I used to have cystic adult acne and stress would make it much worse.  I also have a cold sore, I have had 3 of those in my life time and only in times of immense stress.  Having my hands and wrist blow as badly as they did last week was the first sign.  I know I am busy but I can't let this happen to me again.

     I resent the papers to the Secretary of State for the non profit, as they have no record of the first set, that I sent in April.  They know they had to have received them as they dissolved the LLC, but no letter was generated to me either yeah or nay.  One more thing to deal with, but at least this is mine.

     Yesterday, I did a couple of errands and I came home and got some sewing done, from the pile.  I also gave the mouse a cookie.  I was the mouse.  I tried to avoid the traps set all over the kitchen.  But when I went upstairs to finish cloroxing the kitchen  I thought well I should probably clean the disgusting fridge.  Then I realized I needed my nails done so when hubs came home and I had destroyed the kitchen, I took the car and left:). Some times mice leave disgusting messes. Had my nails done and then went to McD's and got an Oreo Mc Flurry for dinner and a diet coke.  Came home and finished the kitchen, changed another set of bedroom sheets and thoroughly cleaned the upstairs, the downstairs family room even vacuumed the stairs.
Watched a movie with hubs.

     I have already tried on 3 bridesmaid dresses for the Wedding tomorrow and only one needs altered (my daughters surprise, surprise) one of the flower girls has picked up.  It will be like this all day.  I need to thoroughly clean the guest bath and bedroom downstairs before this evening. Hub's has his quartet group coming over for a barbecue on Sunday afternoon.  It will be potluck, but we have to go get things tonight for that so I can be organized. Tomorrow is all day wedding and weeding.

     Now I need to get dressed it is noon and I am still in my p.j.'s.  I have scared several customers.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I get to be a grandma again. Our eldest daughter miscarried twins about 18 months ago and it was so sad. I just could not blog about it. Too personal and brought back too many memories of my own losses. I am just so happy. I love babies.

  2. Is this same daughter pregnant? I can't recall how many sons/daughters you have. Oh and congrats!

  3. Congrats on getting to be a grandma again! How exciting!

  4. Congratulations Kim! How wonderful!!!

  5. Kim great news on the baby also that you are learning to say NO.

  6. Oh how wonderful!! Very happy for you and your daughter :) Glad you got rid of the "guest" and I use that term loosely! Your symptoms of stress are speaking very loudly to you so LISTEN!! And you are.

  7. Congratulations on the new Grand-baby!!

  8. Congrats on the grandbaby! That is wonderful!

    But seriously. You DO need to be a bit more selfish. Similar to the Flight Attendant warnings telling parents to put the oxygen mask on themselves first before they put one on their kids, you cannot be as productive and useful to others if you do not make yourself a priority and take care of yourself first.

    Best wishes on slowing down and enjoying the new bundle of joy!