Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday, still frustrated and resentful

Salad, blt's with avocado. Tonight steaks I found on sale when I had to go buy more low carb tortillas at the last minute.  (Grrrr another aggravation and story)

     I am starting to feel resentful and that is not a good feeling.  I realize that the cause of this resentment is mostly my fault.  I take on too much and then complain when I am overloaded.  Some of the factors are out of my control.  I can't control my daughter, I can't control the credit bureau, I can't control my renter's behavior, I can't control the weather, I can't control my mother's aging process.

     I can control, the amount of work that comes into my shop.  I have not been good about this.  Three more bridesmaid dresses came in yesterday.  Now this would be fine if I did not have these other dresses to get done.  I am making progress all be it slowly.  I am not a slow person.  I like things in and out quickly.  Done off my plate onto the next thing.  Even hubs is getting tired of the same project every night and he just has to look at the color.

     The main problem is I have to make a living and then fit these damn dresses into the cracks and I don't have very many cracks of time, right now.  The house is big and dirty, the laundry never ends, meals to cook and the garden and yard to take care off.  Hub's does mow and help with the chickens, he also takes out all the garbage and recycling, but let me tell you he could do a lot more.  He did go on a 1.5 hour bicycle ride last night by himself and did not nag me to go along, I think he knew that ship had sailed.  However when he got back I was a little jealous as I really would have loved an hour and a half bike ride down by the river.  See you can never make a woman happy this is proof.  How many men are reading this blog?  There is your proof. You have always wanted it and I have given it to you.

     I have a board meeting tonight here at the house at seven, which means I need to clean up the house,put together some kind of treat, get my paper work done and continue to sew like a she devil.  This would not be that hard except my mood is so off.  I like trying to be a happy person.  I feel like this little black cloud is following me around and giggling at my frustrations.  Heavy sigh......

     My hands hurt from all the hand sewing, but as soon as I start really working it will go away.  So where do I start today?  House? paperwork? shop?  Hmmmm?  Which will force me to work the fastest and get the most accomplished out of desperation?

      Let's see....... Shop get pink bridesmaid dress done, rip and baste salmon bmdress.  (Bridesmaid dress abbreviated is bmdress, Hee Hee about explains how I feel about them) get tails done for 4 bows, cut out and baste three more skirts.

     Get paper work done for studio meeting.

     Then put laundry that is done away, water,straighten upstairs. Take paperwork to be copied, pick up something for a treat for meeting.

On your mark, get set, call your mother.....
 Have a day, just a day, survive the day.

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  1. Hey, I thought the little black cloud lived at my house! You always seem so cheerful when I see you, Kim. You do a great job of passing yourself off as a positive Peggy! That's why I always am happy to see you. : )