Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday, a little krank

     Yesterday was a blur of running and getting not as much done as I had hoped.  On the studio side  things got done, on the shop side not so much.  It was just one of those days where anything that could go wrong did.

Let's see, arthritis much better so I will add that first.  Daughter left her expensive cell phone at a pharmacy 250 miles away and I was trying to figure out how to find her and then realized she has a husband that can do that.  Why am I the one to the rescue all the time?

     Had a lunch appointment that I was late for as way to many customers in at the last minute.  High Puba of the Army in the shop with a serious back injury from falling off a truck during a fire watch, his uniforms all were burned so he was throwing together what ever he could to get to the office.  I was trying to patch together his torn up rank on a hat.  What a mess. This is a small thing but I feel like I just rescue people all day.  Nothing horrible, it just adds to my stress.  Or do I make it stress?

      Youngest daughter called, college starts next week and her computer has a bad virus so her boyfriend drops it at the house for me to take to computer doctor.  Daughter #2 wants me to go pick up a wedding band at the local jeweler.  Neither of these things got done.  I will add to today's list and I have a long list of things to complete from my meeting yesterday.  I also have a dental appointment today at noon.  However I ate a bad burrito (I think) and have been sick 3 times this morning, just really don't feel like going to the dentist and having things shoved in my mouth with this over active gag reflex.    Haven't worshiped the porcelain god since about 6 this morning so whatever it was has passed still don't think the dentist is a good move today.  I think they are upset with me, but hey I just can't handle one more thing right now.

     I was finally able to get to my sewing machine yesterday about 3:30 and I realized I needed to go up and get something rustled up for hub's dinner.  I have not been good all week with dinner and I am feeling a tad guilty.  When I get into the kitchen 2 mice dash out from under a cereal box and start to scatter over the counter and the clean dishes and the clean silverware tray.  I scream jump around and go back downstairs to wait for hubs to come home.  I am not afraid of mice but I don't like the idea that they have been all over my kitchen and they carried germs.  EEEEK!  Freak! Shudder!

     I get back downstairs and the young man that is staying with us calls me to tell me his bank accounts have been emptied.   This is exactly why he is staying here.  He gets taken advantage off by other people because he is not smart enough to realize what they are doing and he just wants friends so bad.  No matter what you tell him he just gets himself in trouble.  I don't even feel sorry for him because I knew it was going to happen by the way he was acting.  So I am on the phone with the fraud department at the bank when hub's comes home.  My stress level on this bullshit is over the top.  I am just so tired. 

     Hub's takes me out for a cheap burrito and we go get mouse poison.  Young man comes home and drives me nuts with his whining and he is hungry has no money, can't pack a lunch, can't find his laundry, he is in a complete meltdown.  I start to Lysol the kitchen and ignore him.  He needs to figure it out and he may never be able to but he knows that he was lying and that what he was doing was stupid.  I deal with enough of my own stupid, I don't need it from someone else.

     I have so many things to do today so I should just quit whining and go finish sanitizing the kitchen.  By the way Lucifer our huge black and white long haired cat is out in the back garden right now sleeping in the bird bath.  Yes the birdbath it is empty because I did not water yesterday and that is where he spends his time when he can instead of getting the mice out of my kitchen.

     I do have some really great breaking news that had made me very happy and I will blog about it tomorrow!

Have a great and productive day,  I am going to shave my head and become a Nun.



  1. Oh, Kim. I just don't know what to say. The mice would be the very last straw for me. I'm glad that some good news has come your way because if it doesn't, you are going to have a complete breakdown. I feel the stress levels rise when I just read your blog! I am not saying this to be judgmental or unkind, but there has to be a way to simplify your life. I think that you need to begin with a two-letter word--NO! Do not get thyself to a nunnery. Just look those people in the eye and say no if you have to.

    1. That is the answer to my problem in a nut shell!

  2. You said "no" to fixing your daughter's phone problem as she has a husband to help her. That's a good first step. If the young man staying with you has "bank issues" he needs to be the one calling the bank. And....what would happen if you didn't make dinner? Would hubs open the fridge door himself?? I think he would if he got hungry enough. Now...if only you could teach your cat to water the plants and fill the birdbath!!

  3. Me thinks you need to hang out with Catholics more.....nuns don't shave their heads, monks to....sometimes. lolz