Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday, no more mister nice guy, to myself that is

 We had steaks, corn, fresca salad, fried young squash for dinner Sunday.  I don't know what I am having today.  I don't care either.  What a great attitude to start the week with don't you think?

     Not feeling my best.  Dry hacking cough, deep in the chest.  Just a little off.  But I don't care I will get those bridesmaid dresses done this week if it kills me.  No more complaining only progress.  I am actually going to take pictures of them when they are ready for zippers for the blog.  I want a crew of naggers.  This means nagging me to get them done.  I need serious Jewish mother guilt.  Come on Mysti you of all people can do this.  Help me. I'm your fwiend.

     I ate really bad all weekend.  Lot's of candy and crap it was fun but right now not so much.

     My ballet Mistress moved out over the weekend so we can free up the room for mother.  I will miss having her here in many ways.

     My yard is a mess, my laundry is a mess, there is an empty yogurt cup under the sofa in the front room.  Isn't that where you keep your yogurt cups?

So now I am off to the shop to get dresses done, come Hell or High water.  (favorite phrase of my mother's)  Hell is usually here so I will fear the high water:)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. How are those dresses coming Kim? Sorry I had to asked for nagging...LOL
    And under the sofa must be where empty yogurt cups go, because I found 2 under my sofa last week...
    I hope you have had a productive day!

  2. Are the dresses done yet??? What about now?? One thing at a time Kim and I hope you're feeling better tout suite!

  3. Go Kim, go Kim, go Kim! I'll bring a favorite Hawaiian shirt that David's outgrown b/c he's lost so much weight to be taken in to add to your pile. I can't stand to give it away b/c it's too big! But you can wait until your bridesmaid dresses are done. : )

    I will make strawberry-rhubarb crumble as your reward for finishing the bridesmaid dresses and invite you and Joel over to enjoy it! This Saturday??? Let me know!