Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday, okay heat, it's time

     Made Hub's a big old main dish salad for dinner.  After all it was 107 when he pulled into town.  We actually went grocery shopping last night. It was nice to buy things and know that they were going to stay in the house for a few days. Tonight I plan taco salad for dinner.

     I have not discussed this on the blog before because I feel I am infringing on some one's  life, but we have had major disappearing food issues here for a long time.  I mean huge amounts of food.  Way more food than a human could consume in a week.  It was quite obvious to me where it was going.

     It is a delicate subject.  People with anorexic issues also turn to bulimia.  They are hungry, even to the point of starving and one way they control that hunger is to eat and eat and eat.  Then they force them selves to get rid of the food.  This causes major plumbing issues,  (Gee have we seen this before?)  I just did not know what to do or how to handle this.  We rent the basement bedroom and bath to a college age student and get $400.00 a month.  This includes, Internet, tv, laundry privileges, off street parking.  They may cook upstairs and we have a mini fridge and they can use the downstairs fridge in the garage for over flow.  Now we are very generous and they are welcome to any leftover's and are invited to eat with us on many occasions. Anorexics never allow you to see them eat.

     I talked a lot about the condition to our renter and thought I could help.  It just got worse.  Money was flying out the window and with Hub's on this low carb diet, the foods were expensive.  Two packages of low carb tortillas and  a large jar of peanut butter gone in two days.  Sugar free ice cream was impossible to keep in the house.  Sugar free ice cream treats 2 boxes gone in a day.  I would but a large package of string cheese and it would disappear over night.  How does one eat 24 pieces of string cheese?  It just kept getting worse.  As the bulimia obviously was increasing boxes of cereal were disappearing.  All the milk was gone. I stopped buying certain things and then other things went missing.  I would hide and squirrel away things and they were always found and eaten.  Who does that?  I was frustrated as we had lowered the rent on the bedroom by $100.00 a month and now we were feeding our toilet and the studio toilet hundreds of dollars worth of groceries. The studio toilet was also having issues.

     The spare bath is off my shop and used as a dressing room for my clients if they need it.  I had beautiful guest towels hung that we never used and additional towels for use.  These towels were grabbed so many times to clean up the backing up mess that they were constantly in the wash.  Soon they were not even rehung, because I would notice they were in the wash.  I think it is the sneaky thing that gets me the most.  All the tricks to make me think nothing was happening.  If I don't put the towels back up she won't notice they are down again.  Well these towels are ruined.  They have been washed to the point of rags.  I have to have a professional come in and really clean the carpet because the toilet and sewer back up.  Now this was clean water but it leaves its demarcation mark.

     I never caught this person getting sick, I never heard a thing, and vomiting is noisy.  By the end it was laundry every night.  Dump my laundry into a basket let it wrinkle and do tier laundry. One person should be able to do laundry once a week. Let's not even talk about toilet paper, constantly out of toilet paper. More than likely towels that had been hidden so they could be washed at night.  I had a way out as my mom will be coming and we needed the room for her, but I wonder who is going to supply all the food for this poor person to vomit?  They won't buy it themselves that I know.  I just feel so bad but I am also relieved.  I cannot afford to counsel and care for and feed someone with these major problems.  I tried and it back fired.  I am beyond disappointed, but I also realize that this individual is sick and needs help.

     Well that money drain (pardon the pun) is gone, I miss the individual, but hope the grocer budget goes down.
Out My Window:  Hot, Hot, Hot  I love the heat but even I am melting under this 6th week of double digit's we have had this summer.  We now have 5 chickens laying eggs.  Come on the rest of you get with the program.

     I need to get to my sewing.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. That is sad. Since you still see her at the studio (I think), you can at least keep an eye on her. Do you ever have an in service about health and nutrition? Maybe a local nurse can come in and educate the girls (and boys if any) on things and on the prevalence of eating disorders in the dance community.

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  3. I have read that many dancers have eating disorders. There is so much pressure to stay so slim. Poor girl/woman. She is one messed up chick, and I hope she faces the music someday before it is too late.

  4. It is not a fun issue to deal with. The obsession to stay rail thin is an ongoing burden for so many families. I am sorry for your former tenant and also sorry you had to go though it.

  5. I do hope she gets help. Do you think her family is aware of the problem?

    I still think all 7 chickens might be laying eggs, they're just taking turns. Even the best layers (leghorns) don't lay eggs every single day! (~280/year, which means they take 85 days off!)

  6. As with any person in the grips of an eating disorder she will only get help/get better when she is ready to face her issues.

    At least now you won't be enabling her(not that YOU meant to do that, it's just that her being in this situation,in your house,she was able to get away with maintaining her addiction). If she goes somewhere without an access to privacy and excess food perhaps she'll have to acknowledge that she needs help and get healthier.
    So sad.

    Luck to you on a much lower food bill now and to her on her health. 8-)

  7. Wow, she really needs professional help. You are not equipped to deal with such a huge issue. I hope she gets the help she needs - what a worry! Do you have any contact with her family??

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