Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday, Facing the truth

     Now that I have my budget set for the month, I am looking forward to the new year and realize that I am a pie in the sky dreamer.  Getting out of debt is a long and involved process.  What I scheme in my head or dream in my mind is not reality.  Reality is the check book balance.  *&^%^$  I hate that.  My dreams are always so much faster and better.  Then Jane's Ugly troll comes and wakes me up.  The troll needs to stay at her house, with his hose.

     I have to get the Christmas decorations down in the next couple of days.  I mean it.  I also must sew today, I have been so lazy!  Not sew lazy, but so lazy!  I need some motivation.

    We have a soda machine at the studio.  It sells water and non sugar drinks.  It costs about 11.00 a month to run.  Last quarter we earned $11.37 in soda sales.  This has been going on for about 2 years.  So the machine is gone and I am going to get a small fridge and stock it myself.  I do want water and drinks available but I will not lose money.  If it turns out to be a fiasco, I will get rid of it.

     Tuition is coming in slowly.  Next Monday is the 10th, I hope the parents are watching, because I could use a few hundred dollars in late charges.  Okay the Troll wants the late charges!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I need to take down my tree. It's getting ridiculous at my house

  2. We need to take down our tree as well.

  3. Kim! If you sold soda in the machine (i.e. sugary drinks) I bet you would have made tons of money! :)!

    Don't give up on your! (Stop looking at your checkbook!)

  4. Kim you never cease to amaze me the way you keep coming up with new ways to make money - really, i don't know why you're not filthy rich!!...oh yeah, forgot about the friggin' Troll!!

  5. Dont worry about the troll he/she/it seems to make the rounds of all of our blogs.

    You are doing great! I never cease to be amazed by you and your talents!!!!!

  6. My tree is still up at my house.... where I am not at. Will probably leave it up for a Valentine's Day tree. Lol!