Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, I paid off the fridge!

     Yes, due to Carla's kick butt challenge, I was able to save enough money to pay for the fridge I bought the  7th of the month for the studio.  I have saved so far $576.00.  I went to the bank and put the money back in the account last night.  I could never have done this without trying not to spend money foolishly.  I normally am not foolish with money, but I can spend on a whim if I think something is a good buy.   I always think something is a good buy.  So this made me stop and evaluate my purchases.  Also writing down every penny I spend helps.  Although that part of the challenge is hard for me.

     I sewed very hard yesterday and even came home and sewed after I taught.  I am still behind, so I will need to work hard today, around the appointment I have with the accountant.  But money is coming in and I have bills to pay.  I can't beleive January is almost over it is my most dreaded month and here is has just flown by!  There are many people who need to pick up in the shop. The table and closet are still over flowing.  I also need to get started on costumes.  Always something.  But I should be able to bust out the skirts for the ghost # pretty quickly.  It is the Celtic dresses that are time consuming.   I have made so many of these and really don't want to do more.  I need to redesign a new Jr. Company dress. Okay now I am overwhelmed.  I couldn't just leave well enough alone.
     Back to" just for today what can I get done?"  See how my mind works? 
Jane do you do this? 

     Well off to the salt mines.  We are taking an older couple out for their 50th Wedding anniversary tonight.  I am using gift cards.  So no spend except for the tip.  Hubby and I also have to get groceries.  But I have to be careful because the house payment is due on the 1st and I have to have enough set aside from his check on the 20th and  I fear I am going to be short.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Congrats on paying off the fridge! That's awesome!! :) Good luck with your grocery shopping, bring a calculator with you to stay under!! Enjoy your dinner out! :)

  2. Wow, great job! That's one less debt looking back at you. Enjoy the dinner, and hope you're not short for the rent next week.

  3. Yay that's awesome! Have a good weekend

  4. that is great! Imagine how much Carla has helped us all save this month and I am not even counting out sealed containers!

    Now enjoy yourself tonight

  5. Awesome! Hope you enjoy your dinner out!

  6. Wohoo!! This is awesome! Congratulations!!

  7. Great job on the fridge payoff! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Sewing! Have a wonderful weekend. January is my dreaded month too! It is SO slow for business!

  8. Yes, indeed I do Kim. It's part of being an introvert in that I see EVERYTHING that needs to be done and the effort that it's going to take to complete EVERYTHING thus getting overwhelmed and anxious. That's why I HAVE to use a daily list and plot my "to do's" over the course of a week rather than just one day. That way I might only have a couple of things each day rather than 20 things all on the same day - this method has saved my bacon AND my sanity more than once!