Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, What is it with people?

     We have had quite a few deaths in our Church lately.  This requires funeral meals and service.  Who has not received food at the death of a loved one?  But we are having a really hard time getting people to sign up.  I am on a limited budget, but I can always get a cake mix out of the cupboard and make some frosting.  Or boil some potatoes and make a casserole of funeral potatoes (I call them that).  Macaroni salad, Jello salad.  Are all most all people selfish, lazy, cheap, broke?  What is it?  Come on it is not that hard to give some small amount of service in a time of need.  After all was not that the mission of the Savior?  Wasn't his entire ministry based around the love of all mankind?  That means your make a cake cranky puss.  Okay I feel better now.

     We had a nice dinner last night.  This older couple we went out with have a very beautiful home, but I don't think they saved enough for retirement.  They were self employed.  Now both face some extreme health problems.  It is sad and makes me want to save all the more.  I don't need to be rich but I do want to be able to afford hearing aids for Hubby and the things we need.  Then I think these  people had 6 children, where are they?  I guess I am thinking this as my Dad's only sister lives in Minnesota and is on a very fixed income.  Every year on her birthday (the anniversary of my daughters death)  I send her $500.00 to help pay her taxes.  I know that my two sisters also help her with large sums of money.  Her children are unable to do so and we have done this since her husbands death 4 years ago.  I am coming out from under my financial fog and just beginning to realize how lucky I am and how bad off many others are.   Especially the elderly who can no longer earn.  It is scary.  

     S is home to teach a master class today.  I also have to sew today, which I don't like to do on Saturday's but the taxes put me behind and the shop looks like a disaster area.  I am also going (I think) down to get a camera today. I want to add pictures to the blog of my organization and cleaning for Carla's challenge.  You all know that Little Lamb snuck (I know not a word) into my house and took a picture of my tupperware cupboard.  She got it from the wrong angle.  I know she made it seem worse than it really is.  So if you people are going to treat me like that I will have to have some defense.  My own camera!

   I am going to make some breakfast!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You made it easy to sneak in. You were so busy sewing away you didn't even have a clue I was there! ;)

    I agree we are called to love. I must admit there are lots of times when I don't step up to the plate. Thanks for the reminder.

    It's sad to see people struggle after their working years are done. I was just having a similar conversation with my dad the other day. I am thankful for a good job and being almost debt free so if need be I can help out.

  2. Yeah, I don't step up to the plate nearly enough either. I just feel tired all the time. I get things done for my family and then collapse. I need to do more.

    Kim, I had no idea that you lost a child. I'm so sorry. It must be hard on her anniversary..It just shows what a large heart you have with the generous act of love you bestow on your Aunt every year on the anniversary.

    Looking forward to your own pics! :)!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that people at your Church aren't helping out.. :( That's too bad! What a lovely way to honor your daughter, Kim! I'm sure that $$ is a huge blessing!! Can't wait to see your before pics!! :)

  4. I always knew that Little Lamb was a sneaky (snucky?) one!
    Like the others I am so sorry to hear that you lost a daughter Kim and bless you for being able to reach out and support your aunt in such a generous way - you are an amazing person!
    Now, go clean up that cupboard!

  5. I'm bad about making the time to help others - we give money regularly & help out family as often as we can, but time is so precious right now. That said, whenever there is a "meal train" (what they call it here), I always sign up. I make two dinners - one for the family in need & one for us. It adds barely any time to the preparation.

    And, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. You are a wonderful neice to help your aunt out like that. Such a kidn soul.

  6. I hope the people from the church turn around... how about instead of asking them for finished products, you ask them for flour and stuff like that, or just money and tell them that you'll make the food since nobody else (emphasize that) will do it?

  7. I didn't know you lost a child. I'm sorry for your loss, and I admire the way you step up and give to others in a variety of situations. You are an inspiration!