Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday, past due projects

     I was up early (for me) on a Saturday when I can sleep in and I went into a Kitchen that looked like a bunch of frat boys had a party in it!  The front room is sad long over due Christmas.  The laundry room and back door are loaded with crap.  Bedrooms are trashed.  B was leaving yesterday and most of the mess was hers.

     So I put on my big girl panties, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen.  I started the laundry and put two huge baskets away.  Then I hauled out all of the Christmas boxes out of the garage and took them upstairs.  B finally gets up and tells me she wants to be in Moscow by noon, but she needs to clean and vacuum her car. She also needs to LOAD her car.

     I stop my Christmas cleaning and clean out her room and bath.  Go down and clean out her car, take it to the gas station vacuum it, fill it with gas and bring it home.  She is still applying makeup. Then I get her dad to help me  load up the Christmas loot and two HUGE baskets of clothes into her car.  (I think I can see the laundry room)  She gets three over the shoulder packs that are full and her laptop out of the guest room upstairs.  Then all her crap out of the guest bath! ( I think I can see a bed spread and a counter top)  I will miss her, but not the mess.

     I took a short nap after I packed away the Nativity set.  Hubby and I went downtown and picked out a small refrigerator freezer combo for the studio.  We walked it right out the front door of the appliance store and right down the block and into the  studio.  $466.00.  Then we went to Costco and bought $41.97 worth of water bottles and diet soda.  We went back and stocked the fridge.  Water bottles and soda will be 50 cents.  When the fridge is paid for, I may add healthy snacks, but we will see.  I know that the machine sold a lot of soda.  I will keep track weekly and see how long it will take me to break even.

     Hubby and I went home and I continued to pack up Christmas.  It is all put away now.  Every box and piece of China.  But we discovered as we took down our new tree that about 1/4 of the lights are not working.  So I pulled out the receipt and they will take it back or replace it.   Crap.  I love this tree but it did not even last a season.  I do not want to have to find a new one next year.  This big box will go in the truck today and I will return it tomorrow.  I still need to rearrange the furniture and vacuum the front room.  I want
move the baby grand over to the front window.
     Daughter took us out to Thai food last night.  Yum so good.  Then I am home and did a bunch of honey-do things that have been bothering me.  Daughter had purchased 6 new china knobs in a soft turquoise and silver for my Christmas present.  The guest bath has silver chrome and turquoise blue towels.  The old knobs were original to the house and two were replaced by me when we moved in, they did not match and one was broken.  So I replaced those with my new ones and they are so cute.  There was a nail missing from a curtain rod in the guest room and the curtain was drooping.  I fixed that.  There were two light bulbs burned out in a light fixture in the Mater bath.  They are hard to change.  I did that.  I washed the last load of white costumes and they are packed into the car with the rest of the left over costumes.  I will take them back after church today.

      The house is clean (except for the tree) The laundry room is clean and organized.  My shop has been some what emptied of costumes.  I was not busy last week in the shop.  But every day a few things came in.  I have plenty to do this next week, so the money should start flowing.  No more lap tops all over!  No more open cupboard doors!  No more curling irons, play stations, ipods, make-up bags shampoo bottles, nail polish, etc.  I have normalcy.  I can live with this.

     I am looking forward to the rest of January.  I hope it will be less expensive.  I only have the rent for the studio and the Visa bill to pay.  All other bills are paid.  Now I want to see if I can pay all gas and groceries, house keeper, and make up the money for the fridge out of my shop and I think I can.  I have 3 weeks.
     It is really had to stay in budget with a teenager at home.  Always something.  Contact lens problems, medicine, hygiene stuff, money, money, money.  Carla has been very patient with me!

Can I do this?

     I am going to organize the shop tonight, total my weekly spending into a record and pull all the tax stuff upstairs so I can work on it an hour every morning.  My appointment is on the 27th of January so I need to get busy.

     Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath!


  1. Kim - you are one of the hardest working women I know. I got started on my tax stuff as well.

  2. I am exhausted just listening to your day. T goes back to school in 2 weeks and although I love her I can't wait till all her crap is gone.

    Keep us posted on the soda/water. I hope you make your money back quickly

  3. Wow, that puts my most productive day to shame! Good luck on the sodas, I'm sure you'll make your money back...get your students sweating and tires so they'll want more soda/water. :)

  4. I don't know how you do it!! You need to give yourself some credit & take things one step at a time! :) Up from here!!!

  5. I need to go have a nap after reading this. How about you have a restful Sabbath sometime?!

  6. "I stop my Christmas cleaning and clean out her room and bath. Go down and clean out her car, take it to the gas station vacuum it, fill it with gas and bring it home. She is still applying makeup. Then I get her dad to help me load up the Christmas loot and two HUGE baskets of clothes into her car."

    You do know what I am going to say about this, don't you? And hopefully you won't hate we after I do..... ;-)
    If Miss Thang B wanted to go up to Moscow by Noon then Miss B should have gotten up earlier. Why are you doing all this work(when you already have a full plate of stuff to do and why is she not doing it for herself? She can live without make-up and put on HER big girl panties and pack and load and clean out her own car and gas it up.

    But then again, I am a big old mean old ogre mommy and I bet B is glad I am not her parent.lolol

    Just looking out for YOU Kim and your health and sanity and saying it's ok to let the almost grown kids do things for themselves.

  7. Sluggy, you are so right, but I really just wanted her gone! Now I love her to death and miss her already, but her crap is gone! I mean the bath is clean the bedroom is clean, I am sitting in a clean family room. I haven't had a quite clean house for a month. I am also not a clean freak, I just have had it with kid droppings every where, no cupboard door is shut, loud music all the time. It was my gift to me. Believe me when I put my foot down with my kids it is down. I had my middle daughter move into an apartment across the street from the dance studio for 4 months. I never even looked at that apartment. I mean I don't let my kids move any where without me checking every nook and cranny. I never saw this place because I was tired of being taken advantage of and I was not going to get involved. In the move, in the expenses, in the color scheme. I can be a hard a@#. But you are right, I do spoil my kids. I hope they spoil me someday. This was also the same child that came down to the dance studio and cleaned for 6 straight hours. Every costume, box, prop piece. It was heavy, hard, dirty work and she never stopped. She sneezed the whole time from dust allergies, but she never once complained or stopped. Amazing. I wonder if she was my kid? I never checked she might have been an alien.... thanks for your lovin' me!

  8. Well I'm glad Slugmama looked after that little issue, let's me off the hook...but DITTO!
    Now I need to go lie down because your post exhausted me...oh...good thing I'm already in bed!!