Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday night chit chat

     Reading:    Great book about the Irish Potato famine.  If that could be great.  Actually it was pretty awful, in fact very awful, but I find the Irish tenacious and fascinating.

Watching: A PBS Special on Martin Luther, fascinating.

Listening:  I only listen to music when I am teaching or doing choreography.  I am sorry overkill, maybe someday!

Cooking:  Shrimp pasta, blood orange and avocado salad.

Happy I accomplished:  Really stuck to the low no spend challenge.  Wrote no checks for personal things. Yeah!

Looking forward to:  Another week of no spending. Getting caught up in the shop,  Ha! Ha!

Thankful for today: A really great husband at least right now:)

Have a restful Sabbath!



  1. Sounds great!! :) You did wonderfully this week!

  2. Sounds like a good day

  3. Yes! You were able to keep expenses down this week! I know how hard that is with several businesses to run. Don't ya love it when hubbies behave themselves lol??

  4. Can you let me know the title of the book if you get a chance. Some of my family came over during the famine, most came before but many came during and after.